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  1. Ship paintings

    Hi Zach. They didn't have much time for 'house keeping', especially the small escort vessels. Heres a busy merchant ship quite rusty as well. Passing Schooners fishing the Grand Banks. jim
  2. Ship paintings

    Thank you very much for your complement. In return here is one to honour the part played by Belgian Seamen unofficially allowed to wear two Ensigns!. Jim Godetia was one of two Flower Class Corvettes manned by the Belgian Navy. 'Buttercup' was the other. Here Godietia is picking up survivors from 'Port Auckland' and the French ship 'Zouave' sunk in convoy SC-122, 17th March 1943 by U 305 Jim
  3. Ship paintings

    Here are a couple of 'Still Life' paintings with a Maritime slant. The Nelsonian one was inspired by the titles of the British TV program 'SHARP'. The other RN/FAA Compass is real, I scratch built the cannon and the Pilot is a 'Historex' kit of an RAF pilot painted up as FAA. and Ofcourse one of my old collars
  4. Ship paintings

    Drew this yesterday, 'coloured it in' today. I am presently reading 'With Utmost Dispach' a Richard Bolitho novel, in which he is in command of three Royal Navy Cutters in the English Channel. It provided the inspiration for this painting. This famous Quotation also came to mind!. "We are off to look for trouble. I expect we shall find it." Capt. Tennant. HMS Repulse. Dec. 8 1941 23" X 14" watercolour.
  5. Ship paintings

    Thanks Nils. This is called Cruisers Cruising. L to R Dido class, Town class and Colony class cruisers. I like this one. Nothing fancy and the ships are pretty accurate Reminds me of calm days in the Mediterainian. Jim
  6. Ship paintings

    A couple with Thames Spritsail Barges. The 'orange one I used as a family Christmas card. Jim.
  7. Ship paintings

    One with a story. This is the Icebreaker Krasin leading part of a convoy through ice. As part of our visit to St Petrsburg we attended a reception aboard Krasin where she is a museum ship still afloat. I was asked to present one of the Arctic Echoes books to the Ship. In the photo, I am on the left, Victor Konusov (Russian Naval Advisor to the British Consul) shows this pic to the Curator of the Museum Jim and Krasin as she is today
  8. Ship paintings

    My pleasure Ken. You guys did a great job. We did some 'cross deck' with USN a/c on a visit to the US in 1959 I remember the Skyray, Skyhawks, and Skyraiders. We were operating Scimitar, Sea Venom AEW Skyraider. I was in HMS Victorious and we visited NY Boston and Norfolk. Jim
  9. Ship paintings

    Hi Pat, never served on her. I was RN Ships. Eagle, Ark Royal, Victorious (twice) served 1958/1968. Painted from a reference photo jim
  10. Ship paintings

    And today's effort HMS Belfast lowering a boat to investigate the German Steamer 'Cap Norte' disguised as Swedish ship 'Ancona' Watercolour 12" X 9" Jim
  11. Ship paintings

    Some Phantoms for Ken, a favourite aircraft of mine .Also a'Hun' F100 Jim
  12. Ship paintings

    Lou and Ken , thank you for your comments. My Mother always said I had a vivid imagination, although a lot of what I paint is helped from personal experience. This painting of HMAS MELBOURNE. Been there,Done That. Got the yellow surcoat. Different ships and a/c . Jim
  13. Ship paintings

    Another of my all time favourites Armed Merchant Cruiser Carinthia on the Northern Patrol 1940 she was Torpedoed west of Galway Bay by U 46 at 13:13 on the sixth of June 1940. Four crew members were killed.W/C 12 X 9 inches.Jim
  14. Ship paintings

    Thanks for that Lou. I've never been up that way, in fact I haven't been on the West coast at all unfortunately. So the location for the painting is made up from memories of films or TV programs of the area. I've still got lots more paintings I can post. It is really nice to get comments and 'meet' people from all over. here is the watercolour sketch for the Mellon painting which is acrylic on canvas. jim
  15. Ship paintings

    Thanks, she was 'over the moon' when she got it. Jim