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  1. Ship paintings

    On their way to the Falklands Jim
  2. Ship paintings

    Another one of Belfast, about to call in at Gibraltar for a last run ashore before returning to the UK jim
  3. Ship paintings

    'Good Samaritan' escorting Trawler picks up enemy aircrew from downed Hienkel 111 Jim
  4. Ship paintings

    Hot off the pad HMS Belfast in a spot of Roughers 15" X 11" watercolour.
  5. Ship paintings

    Londonderry Mid Ocean Escort Force ships, I78 HMS Wolverine and K18 HMS Campanula Watercolour 15" X 11" jim
  6. Ship paintings

    Three German Fast Patrol Boats through the ages. L to R Gepard class 'Nerz'. P6174. Schnellboot S38 type 'S74’ and a V class Torpedo boat of WW1 'V74'. Watercolour 16" X 11" Jim
  7. Ship paintings

    Thank you for commenting. Here are some miniatures I did a while back, all are Three and a half by Two and a half inches The Nore lightship with Spritsail barge a coaster from the days of sail a Town class cruiser. jim
  8. Ship paintings

    Follow up to the 'Condor' painting.HMS Wanderer lowers her Seaboat to pickup Lt Robert H Everett RNVR, after he had been catapulted off Maplin (Catapult Fighter Ship). He had just shot down a Fock Wulf FW 200 Condor. Well out from land, he had to ditch his aircraft near a ship in the convoy. This was the first success by an a/c operating from a Catapult equipped Merchant ship. At the time Maplin was being operated by the RN as a Catapult Fighter Ship, so I suppose technically she was a warship. However this setup developed into the Catapult armed Merchant ship, followed by the Merchant Aircraft Carrier, and finally the Escort Carrier. jim Watercolour 15" X 10"
  9. Ship paintings

    Scourge of the Convoys. Fock Wulf Fw200 Condor and Hawker Hurricane from CAM ship. Not an actual combat although there were several encounters of this kind.W/C 15" X 12"Jim
  10. Ship paintings

    This one is from the period of the Falklands conflict. L to R Glamorgan, Canberra, Endurance and Olna, with the Wessex 'Humphry' and Endurance's Wasp.I don't know if they were ever in this formation, but I think they were all in the vicinity.Jim
  11. Ship paintings

    Excellent painting, you should think about taking it up again. Thanks for sharing it. Jim
  12. Ship paintings

    Schneider Trophey race 1929? Old RN Destroyer used as a turn mark.Supermarine S6 flown by H R D Waghorn wins at 328.63 mphItaly represented by Macchi MR52R Flown by T Dal MolinRMS Berengaria heading for Southampton.
  13. Ship paintings

    Thanks John, this was more a sketch for a bigger pic which hasn't been done yet. Anti Aircraft Cruiser HMS Scylla under attack from Ju88's jim
  14. Ship paintings

    The last one was The Searchers, this is The Rescuers. Breaches Bouy rescue, imaginary, not an actual rescue. Jim
  15. Ship paintings

    Both. One reason I mostly do watercolours, I leave them in the pad.. jim