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  1. French frigate diana

    Hi Snow. Which brand/manufacturor is proposing a French Diana ? I have only knowledge of two Diana's available in a kit version : an English Diana(manufacturor Caldercraft Jotika at scale 1/64 ) and/or a Spanish Diana (manufacturor Occre at scale 1/85 ). If you're into French frigates ( I am ) Lafayette's Hermione seems an interesting option, it appears to be a new (updated) release. I surely wish some of Boudriot's frigates were available in a 1/64 kit version ( La Renommée, La Vénus,... ) but that's another story, I'm afraid.
  2. Ship paintings

    Wow !!!! Only now I came across this topic : fantacic work May I be so bold to refer to a famous German poet ? in der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister Meaning : you excel to depict less evident ( less romantic ) items Sincere congrats
  3. Royal Louis by Barbossa

    This one is older : started in 1991 and complteted in 1996. As you probably noticed , this ship is begging for a thorough anti-dust cleaning
  4. This built was started in 1999 and completed in 2006. Definitely in a pre-MSW era
  5. IMG 0790 versie 2

    Stunning work, Jan La Vénus is one of my favourite ships. Sincere congrats