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  1. Hello, First of all, I'd like to thank all of you guys for your concern & input : - rrailsley, Chris Watton, Mark Taylor, minimi ( Michael), Aidedecamp, CDR-ret ( Terry) and Mr Pucko (Puckotred); I sincerely hope I did not forget any other member ( if so, I apologize) . I think I'll settle for the proposal of Puckotred. 3D ? We haven't seen the end of it, I guess. - Mr Pucko ( Puckotred ) : I'll PM you this evening.
  2. Thanks Chris & Mark for the input. As I have only English manufactured cannon barrels at my disposal, be it for the same caliber(18pdr) and the same scale (1/64) but different shapes ( next post I'll join a photo, historical accuracy was already jeopardised. So as Mark quite rightly suggested : this is not that much a concern as far the gun barrel does not carry the Rex George III insigna. On a French ship..this would not do, I'm afraid. Also checked Frédéric La Hoche website, indeed only 1/72 available and they do not sell piece by piece separated, only the complet
  3. Thanks for replying, Chris. The launch date is 1782 . But rather then the launch date, I'm afraid the origin might perhaps be an issue as it French (la Vénus)...
  4. A warm thank you for your fast reply. To answer the question : more the latter, the idea is to submit a 3d drawing to a company nearby home. So the company will procede to the manufactoring using a 3D printer I'd like to tell the whole story : for the purpose of my semi scratch project I ordered the necessary sets of guns ( in brass ) + carriage 2 years ago As I reached the moment to procede the assembling, I noticed a difference : some gun barrels ( Caldercraft) were from an older making. Thus I had 2 different types of 18lb guns, for which I can not settle. And I'm a
  5. Just asking. As I did not find my way in "Thingiverse", I was wondering if it were possible to obtain a 3d drawing of an 18 pdr gun at 1/64 scale ( no Royal Navy or any other insigna's required), the gun barrel only. If someone could point me out where I could find such drawing would already help me a lot. Anticipated thanks.
  6. Sincere congrats. Different curves in all kind of shapes...just the thought of it : too much of a daunting challenge for me.
  7. I don't think so Patrick. I'm afraid that poor bird is frustrated as the crewmembers hamstered all the toiletpaper. 😄 Serious : Wonderful work.
  8. Finished deck planking and gratings. The latter were purchased. Why am I thinking about Belgian Waffles ? Many French ships seem to have this characteristic : darker (sometimes black) strips are embedded inside the deck planking. Although I can only guess the purpose, I copied the idea as it is pleasing to the eye. As a matter of exercise, planks were a bit tapered towards the bow. I'm planning to implement this on the forecastle, according to plan. Put her alongside HMS Diana, from which I removed the dust. Regarding this matter, a solution is in the making (it
  9. Wonderful work. About the seizings : the eternal debate between historical accuracy and aesthetics, I'm afraid. I'd settle for the white approach : superb contrast. Probably, you are aware or perhaps other members already drew your attention whenever it comes to the ratlines : it's recommendable to progress with an interval of 5 positions and later on fill up the gaps to avoid any deformation.
  10. How impressive can this be ? Same ship, same plans. One major difference in soccer terminology : I'm amateur but this is Champions League.
  11. The false keel's warping & twisting is an issue that many of us already have encountered. Therefore I'd like to submit a question to all members reading this : as the bulkheads require some bevelling, can the load of bevelling, be it on the port or starboard side, partially compensate the problem ? Although caution is required, is it worth a try ? It's just an idea.
  12. Welkom, BranPie. Always nice to welcome a fellow-Belgian-citizen. As Louie mentioned : starting a buildlog is the best thing to do.
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