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  1. From easthetical point of view and given te scale ( 1/110) just wonderful ! Historical accurate ? I have no clue ... you know the saying : Never let the truth go away with a good story.
  2. Take a few days rest, sit back and relax, take a deep breath and have a beer... For myself, due to weather conditions , the shipbuilding process is interrupted the last few weeks as temperature in the hobby room ( attic) is still above 25°C. You're doing a fantastic job. And after a break you'll carry on just fine.
  3. Good morning Mark, You certainly have a point there. Indeed, the installation of the quarterdeck will involve some awkward curves that might jeopardize this. Although the frames are made of 2 x 2 paper strips ( see first pic , the lightbrown one ) and received a coat of water diluted PVA glue, I can still bend them a bit but they still have a minimal strength. But if my understanding is correct, the addition of the frames inside the solid quarterdeck piece , a full plastic piece and black paper behind the plastic might cause some troubles. In previous attempt
  4. Hello, You're welcome Sjors. the moreover : You have been missed. Thanks for looking in B.E. : even if this project were to fail, I'm happy I got this far. Still, this is a semi scratch build : gunnery and other stuff were purchased straight from the market. Back to the windows and dare I say we have a breaktrough ? Before I was trying to resolve this problem and go the "plastic way", I made an attempt by using enveloppe-paper. Because -perhaps- no painting was required. I sincerely hope you notice the difference. The process is quite
  5. Another impressive achievement, sincere congrats. If I may : what's the next project ?
  6. Hi, Among the stern& quarterdeckgalleries, windows are a challenging detail at which I have been struggling quite a bit, lately Tried different approaches and attemps ( see first pic), but last pic shows my best shot so far and until now. Although the appearance seems rather a prison bar than a window frame . The material is light card that received several coats of dilluted PVA-glue for reasons of strength. This was a necessary preacaution as you may notice in the penultimate photo : one arm was slightly warped while sanding. I'd like to give
  7. What a wonderful and interesting build (as always). Thanks for sharing the historical context. So inspiring as it shifts my attention towards the "smaller" ships. And I'm very aware I'm unfair by using the term smaller.
  8. Hello Ondras, Received loud and clear 🙂 So let's order some maple strips this evening.
  9. Hi Ondras, Outstanding job on the deck. I understand you used maple strips. Do they allow a clean cut when you need to narrow them? As I'm looking for alternatives for boxwood but nonetheless good quality.
  10. Very nice. Your buildlog is both a source of insipration and a benchmark for my own project, certainly when it comes to the finishing touch.
  11. Thank you very much, Johann If I were to reach your level of shipbuilding (which I seriously doubt), for me this would be a long way to go, I'm afraid. Also thanks for all the likes : this may sound funny but now matter how this project will evolve, building a proper hull without the usual kit support is already an achievement for me. Finished the wales at both sides but as I haven't made my mind up about what color of paint I should apply starting from the wales to the waterline : - white = aesthetical very nice or -black = historical more correct a
  12. Hi Giampiero This is one of my favorite frigates , I'll follow this build with great interest. First pictures obviously show this is far beyond my skills, I have no trouble in admitting.
  13. Update related to the wales and so : Added a belt made of extra 0,5 x 4mm walnut strips + sanding with grit 400 sanding paper. As highlighted you may notice some space between the belt and the piece that covers the bow section + first gunport (see previous posts). It allowed me a nice transition between the yellow gunport area and the black belt as I used 0,5x2mm pre-painted strips to cover this. The black paint was purchased in a DIY-store ( Hobbyrama for the curious, but meanwhile the local shop went out of business for reasons not related to Covid-19 ). So no AV-
  14. Hi Patrick, wonderful work indeed and bring on the sausages and the skewers as already suggested . Is this piece of art to be covered , thus hidden forever ?
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