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  1. I don't think so Patrick. I'm afraid that poor bird is frustrated as the crewmembers hamstered all the toiletpaper. 😄 Serious : Wonderful work.
  2. Finished deck planking and gratings. The latter were purchased. Why am I thinking about Belgian Waffles ? Many French ships seem to have this characteristic : darker (sometimes black) strips are embedded inside the deck planking. Although I can only guess the purpose, I copied the idea as it is pleasing to the eye. As a matter of exercise, planks were a bit tapered towards the bow. I'm planning to implement this on the forecastle, according to plan. Put her alongside HMS Diana, from which I removed the dust. Regarding this matter, a solution is in the making (it
  3. Wonderful work. About the seizings : the eternal debate between historical accuracy and aesthetics, I'm afraid. I'd settle for the white approach : superb contrast. Probably, you are aware or perhaps other members already drew your attention whenever it comes to the ratlines : it's recommendable to progress with an interval of 5 positions and later on fill up the gaps to avoid any deformation.
  4. How impressive can this be ? Same ship, same plans. One major difference in soccer terminology : I'm amateur but this is Champions League.
  5. The false keel's warping & twisting is an issue that many of us already have encountered. Therefore I'd like to submit a question to all members reading this : as the bulkheads require some bevelling, can the load of bevelling, be it on the port or starboard side, partially compensate the problem ? Although caution is required, is it worth a try ? It's just an idea.
  6. Welkom, BranPie. Always nice to welcome a fellow-Belgian-citizen. As Louie mentioned : starting a buildlog is the best thing to do.
  7. Hello, Just a small update: still working on the stern + some preparations related to quarterdeck galleries, but that's for later. The lower decoration strip is brass (no scratch building involved here). Purchased this item by Cornwall Boats. Other strips are more or less selfmade. It's a combination of 2 styrene-strips : one halfround 1,5 mm glued upon 1x3 mm strip. Rather than wood, just felt more comfortable with this option. One disadvantage : cyano-glue is mandatory if you want to fix styrene items. It can be messy. Next step : deck planking, perhaps ?
  8. Puik werk, Sjors ( Well done) A nice incentive as The Flirts & Speedies are shifting my interest towards building smaller ships (once my project is finished in whatever which era)
  9. Fantastic ! Aside the very high quality, it appears you are working at the speed of light . How do you cope ?
  10. Hats off. Notwithstanding the 1/110 scale . Any chance for adding some Tahitian girls in your diorama 😜 ?
  11. You're welcome, Jason. The colors are a bit of a lucky shot. Applying some coats of (water-)dilluted PVA-glue made painting of the windowframes redundant. The arch above the windows = same story. This is a decorative thread which I firmed up with cyano glue and guess what's happened ? A nice looking brown which was pretty close to a warm (woodish) color. Talking about woodish effect : for painting purposes I often use AV New Wood 311. For the pillars, the Artesiana Latina scrapping tool is an object of necessity. The grey paper behind the windows was the only opti
  12. Hi, At last some progress. Mark, your remark refering to the stern shifted priorities. As the stern at both extremities dictates the position of the quarterdeckgalleries, why not seize the stern gallery? Well, after quite some trouble, hesitation, different approaches, here it is. Still some finishing required, not perfect and most of all, not by the book but I an settle with it.
  13. What a lovely lamp. The addition of talent, tools and most of all lot's of dedication and you get another stunning B.E. buildlog. No further rocket science involved, here.
  14. From easthetical point of view and given te scale ( 1/110) just wonderful ! Historical accurate ? I have no clue ... you know the saying : Never let the truth go away with a good story.
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