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  1. Apologies for my late reply. Noticed your question, while browsing through old logs, etc,...I used all the ornaments, guns, gun carriages, etc... However : regarding the rigging I used additional blocks. One remark : this is an Ante-MSW building ( before MSW-membership). Otherwise, I'd rigged the guns+more details.
  2. Thanks Patrick + all the likes. Next episode : further details on the bow section + adding the copper plates. Purchased ( long time ago ) the necessary number of copper plates through Victory Amati. Regarding my previous build ( HMS Diana) , I still regret I carried out this operation using the copper plates supplied in the box : lesson learned. Take care.
  3. The additional ornament on the stern gallery was another story. As the curve was delicate, I splitted it up in 2 halves. Next pics show my woodcurving skills are limited, less to say equal to zero The decoration strips under the window are an assembly of 2 styrene strips : a half round 1,5 mm and a 1x2mm strip
  4. ....But I felt unhappy, so what do you do ? Of course...you rip it off and start all over again. So I took the opposite way : 2 small paper strips upon a black rail. Much better.
  5. For present update, I shifted my attention towards the bow section. Decoration rails, first attempt : Manaufacturing a relief-shape into a curved strip was a bit tricky, thus I avoided this roadblock by adding a black paper strip in the center....
  6. Price in 1955 : 12590 francs. = Wow, that was lot of money The brand "Singer" induced my wrong assumption. Good luck with the sails, Patrick
  7. Nice job, Mark As this hurdle awaits me, I'll be following your progress although I haven't figured out yet which path to follow : clay (Fimo) our wood carving.
  8. Leave the bad things behind and welcome the present, glad your back with us Mobbsie. I sincerely hope for Caldercraft's issue related to your project as it is quite on the Caldercraftfront or am I mistaken ? What about their 74 ?
  9. About time for an update, progress is slower compared to kit building ( those were the days...) First of all I'd sincerely wish to thank all members who replied to my topic "3D drawings 18pdr at 1/64 scale", posted last Februari 11. Among those generous offers, one in particular caught my attention as it exempted me from the necessary drawingwork as well as the production of the guns itself. The final acquisition was the result of old fashion interchange. I can assure, guns are state of the art. Aside from modelingmatters I find it very pleasing to chat with a fellow- MSW-member regarding other subjects and life in general. We agreed about the life-necessity of chocolate . For the interested in 3D expertise: please contact "puckotred". Regarding the painting : - overall : AV RAL 7021, Black Grey 70.862. - edges and reinforcement rings were covered with AV 70.863 Gun Metal. Although the pics may not show, the effect is very pleasing to the eye. A modest attempt to scratchbuild the ship's stove is also included in this post ( + continuation )
  10. Hello, First of all, I'd like to thank all of you guys for your concern & input : - rrailsley, Chris Watton, Mark Taylor, minimi ( Michael), Aidedecamp, CDR-ret ( Terry) and Mr Pucko (Puckotred); I sincerely hope I did not forget any other member ( if so, I apologize) . I think I'll settle for the proposal of Puckotred. 3D ? We haven't seen the end of it, I guess. - Mr Pucko ( Puckotred ) : I'll PM you this evening.
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