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  1. Sincere congrats At the beginning of this wonderful hobby I was "a big ship many guns"-addict. But this definitely whets my appetite for smaller ships ( in the future )
  2. Hello, Is the phenomenon on bulkhead n° 7 consistent from top to keel and also from starboard side to port side ( left an right ) =>meaning too short on e.g. the left side but not protruding on the right side ? If the shortcoming is overall and referring to the last pic , you carried out the same test all around the bulkhead, and overall the same gap as result ? If so, and by looking at the same last pic, if I were in your place, I'll just fix a 1mm strip and see what happens. I guess this is a double planking process, so I would not worry that much. But you are quite right to carry out a thorough check before assembling.
  3. Stunning work and a pleasure to follow your progress. Reminds me a documentary about Guédelon castle where craftsmen are using the building techniques and tools way back then.
  4. Hello Mugje. Puik werk ( Nice Job !) : customizing the last few bulkheads with a handsaw must have been challenging. Well done As I have a Pegasus (somewhere) waiting on the shelf, I'll be watching your progress. Aside from a proper cabin, I have 2 concerns about this kit : - the stern decoration especially the 2 Norman knights - the flat quarterbadge. Most scratch-build and FFM-models, the quarterbadge seems more protruding.
  5. Hi Patrick. Great work and a pleasure to follow the progress. About the plastic spars : the minimal tension while rigging your ship would probably deform them anyway.
  6. Hello, Still busy with the planking process but I'm enjoying this. Looking at the pics, you will notice the planks are slightly separated. I'll come to this later on. Also, everything under the waterline is to be covered by coppertiles which I purchased through Victory-Amati. So don't you worry about me using different types of wood in this area. Must admit -as far as I'm trying to finishing the hull with the best of my abilities and according to the plans- the hull describes funny, dare I say awkward curves, especially when I reach the bow area. But as I mentioned, the "flaws" will be covered with copper, so no harm done so far. Another 5 pics are to follow this post
  7. Hi Rob, the contrast between the pale wooden strips and the black parts in the crosstrees is pleasant to the eye. A very good idea.
  8. Thanks Patrick and a thanks for all the likes. As from the start of this project it was always the intention to paint the model, for two reasons 1)Lack of patience and talent 2) Quality wood ( boxwood,...) is as good as unavailable First pics are some experiments : I'd like to insert black or darkgrey paper between the planks in the gunport area. Following pics : a careful start ( wood = ramin ) Last pic I took from the additional monography ( Franco Fissore ) raised some questions and I submitted this color scheme to French MSW-colleagues ( forum actif 5500 ) and Mr. G. Delacroix himself was so kind to answer that the color scheme was an artist's view and a bit a questionable one as everything under the waterline should be coppered. In addition French frigates don't seem to have this distinctive black belt ( wales ) you often see on their English counterparts. On the contrary : the black painted area seem to continue till the waterline ( La Renommée, La Belle Poule 1765,... if painted of course ) Even more : The Boudriot Monography shows the front side ( towards the bow ) the first gunport included in black color. This is convenient as the bow area describes funny curves ( see point 1 in this post 😅 ) . But this is the path I intend to follow.
  9. Last update : painted the inside of the gunports with AV Flat Red 70.957 Later on I would like to submit some ideas about the color scheme
  10. I forgot to mention in my previous post that the blue lines above the gunports indicate the position of the channels. Now a word about the stern : to obtain a proper fit, I had to reduce the camber by < 2 mm. This was the unavoidable consequence of my doubts regarding the correct heigt of the gundeck. In my opinion this is a minor setback and it is be hardly noticeable I also applied the first plank of the second planking and it is a crucial one as it dictates the position of all other planks that are to follow Meanwhile some plankbending using what we may call " the chuck-method" ( including ironing )
  11. Hello, another update concerning the finalisation the shape of the gunports + checking their transversal position other content is to follow
  12. Thanks Patrick and all members showing interest. I'll post some pics showing Venus' present status, in a few days Also happy X-mas and many shipbuildingfun for 2020 for all MSW-staff & members ! About Fluffy ( "Pluis" in Dutch) : she's up to her 17th birthday ( in 2020 ) We had two cats, the eldest passed away this year ( 18 years ). " A cat has servants" : I agree 100 %
  13. You're welcome Edward, here's a (last) few pics to bring us back in real time, so updates will be less frequent. The area under the stern is delicate : lateral planking (wales,...) and bottom planking : it comes all together. Off course : "Fluffy" couldn't care less😃

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