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  1. Thanks guys. My kit bash build is HMS Bellerophon. I'll only need carriages for the gun deck, quarterdeck and fo'csle and yes, I'll probably build them myself. For my last build - 1/64 scale HMS Fly - I bought Caldercraft carriages and mated them to RB Models brass cannons, but since I'm now working at 1/72 scale, I was wondering if there was a source I wasn't aware of of laser cut carriages at that scale. Thanks for your thoughts. Cal
  2. Can anyone suggest best options for buying 1/72 scale wooden gun carriages to replace those horrible metal ones in the Victory Models kits?
  3. Hi there, and thank you for your kind words. Your Diana was one that I was using as pictorial reference all through my build (I was posting a build log of my Diana until the web masters server crashed. After that I couldn't get back in using my old user name and I gave up trying for some months. Hence the very few posts on the forum). You made a beautiful job of yours and I see it rightly won a prestigious award. I'm just starting HMS Fly now – my last kit build before I try a POF scratchbuild. Take good care, Calvin
  4. Why thank you ma'am