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Brig USS Enterprise 1799 info gathering

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Fiddler's Green is a broker, and a very good one IMHO, but be aware that the owner does not have the models in his place thus cannot take  more pictures if he does not already have them on hand. He may be able  to put you in touch with the model builder though and then the model builder hopefully can help you out.  


Good luck



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And that's just fine. I wasn't sure though if it was a one person operation or not since I see a builder on there by the name of Stan Sinowitz and the Viper is featured on the cover of the page so I am going to make an assumption that he built the model himself. If not Im happy to be pointed in the right direction. There is no surviving plans of Viper to my knowledge so I am curious what sources were used in creating a model version.

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Quick update on this post I came to realize that the 1797 unidentified schooner in Chapelle's book has actually been likened to be the Dilligence II class revenue cutter with Eagle a member and most likely was a plan for the class. Also a nice looking reconstruction of Eagle exists. While this doesn't help much with the mystery that is Enterprize, it does help me with the mystery of what ship that draught represents as well as gives a nice image of what a similar and slightly smaller contemporary to Enterprize might have looked like. :)



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