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  1. Hi Jan! Sorry I did not look correctly, you have brails on the mizzen, so no need for the martnet... -Radek
  2. Ab, I was thinking the same...😄 And how about mizzen top-sail bow-lines and 'martnet and brails' on the mizzen? Were they on the Anna Maria? Beautiful model, Jan! Makes me more and more want to do the "Hollandse Tweedekker" I have on my list! 👍 -Radek
  3. Hi there and privjet! Since I have seen your lightning on instagram I wanted to build a model with lights as well. I think it was your model, but it was 2 years ago or more. I am happy to see your build here on modelshipworld!😃 I use four strings of serial LEDs with 11 LEDs on each string. The circuit board to distribute a flickering effect (to imitate candle light) will be in a small box on the stand under the ship. That way I do not need to buy 44 resistors... I use also only 6V battery (2 x 3V). Four LEDs with random flickering serve as the circuit for the flick
  4. Hi! Thanks Nils for the nice tutorial! While I also agree that stitches are always way out of scale, sometimes it adds to the charm of the model. I wanted stitched sails on my Mayflower, scale 1:100, which seems ridiculous, but I am very pleased with the result. However, the catch is that I stitched it all by hand... 😅 -Radek
  5. Hi, Thank you for the likes and congratulations. I asked my friend to make better photographs of the model, which I now present in the Gallery. See you around the forum! -Radek
  6. This is my model of the Mayflower from c.a. 1620, based on the plans from Waldemar Nowy (1976) from the polish model plans publication "Plany modelarskie, Vol. 78, Nr. 2, 1977". Waldemar Novy in turn based his plans on the plans for the Mayflower II, by William A. Baker (1958). I made a few modifications to be more historically accurate, especially with the rigging from that period. I started this build back in 2010 and finished it this year, 2020 in December. The model is made of cardboard of various thicknesses. Wooden parts are only the masts and the blocks. Th
  7. Name tag for the stand and the finished Mayflower... Thank you all for the likes and comments! 😊 ...So I finally finished the model this week, after a journey of 10 years with ups and downs, the survival of the harsh, cold north and a completed study in geochemistry... Here are some pictures about the name tag, which is of course made entirely from card. I used some thicker card with the self adhesive foil with wooden patterns on both sides and altered it with oil paints. The letters were drawn and then cut from a pizza box. Then I used a golden waterproof m
  8. Hi and Thanks. The shots are just snap-shot camera shots. Often the images are grainy or not as sharp as they used to be with my old camera. Building the cannons this way is typical for paper modellers... -Radek
  9. Cannons, Sails and Flags Hi all! Here a bit about how I made cannons, sails and Flags. Rolling thunder... Making cannons from a slightly thicker paper is really easy when comparing with the magnificent ones carved from wood or cast from real metal. Also in this model scale 1:100 and with them not really visible, there is no need to make them exactly as they look in real. For instance you cannot see the cascabel so there is no need to do it. So I decided to simulate only the muzzle, muzzle swell, and trunnion of the cannon and make a simplified ca
  10. Anchors... Hi all! Here a bit about my way of making anchors (sails and flags in the next post). The anchor I made from the original plans by Waldemar Nowy turned out to be from a too modern era, as pointed out by Ab, so I followed his advise, made some additional research and did them accordingly. I used some 1 or 1.5mm card, copied the anchor shape on the card by piercing through the plans onto the underlying card, drawing the lines and cutting out with scissors and scalpel. Here some images from my first try:
  11. Thanks! I struggled with the grating a bit, was not easy to cut out every single hole with the scalpel...😅 My next build is in progress, it will be the fictive Spanish galleon "Neptune" from the movie "Pirates" by Roman Polanski. And when I get bored with that, I have started to look into my LaRenommée Monograph... Also, I have to fix two of my old card models, a carrack and the Bounty (sorry no pictures at the moment because both models are in the attic)....So lot's to do. And then there
  12. Thank you for the clarification, Jan. Always something to learn for beginners such as me...😊 -Radek
  13. Hi Tomek! Nice to see your build here! Although I am a scratch-build modeler, should your project make it to the shelf, count me in a s a customer! :) -Radek
  14. Hi, This is one of the most beautiful builds I have ever seen! A great inspiration! I have the plans for the Renommée, too. Thank you for sharing your build experience. -Radek
  15. Hi Jan! I really admire your clean build! You are very professional. And your Anna Maria looks fabulous! Bravo! -Radek
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