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  1. The work on the hull progressed by sanding down all the planking, to get as smooth and fair a surface as I could. I sanded, then applied poly varnish thinned 50/50 with paint thinner until it no longer soaked in. Waited for the varnish to dry, then sanded again. I repeated this process many times. While sanding I could see areas where the planks pushed inwards slightly, and small gaps in the finish. I used Bondo glazing and spot putty, applied with a stiff piece of styrene plastic, to cover the gaps and low spots. Again, after Bondo dried the hull was sealed and sanded. I did this perhaps 3 or
  2. I actually gave thought to doing something between the bulkheads, but silly as it may be, this being my first experiment with card/paper ship modeling, I am planning on using nothing but paper and cardboard. My only foray beyond this is a very small amount of Bondo used to fill in some small places to bring the hull to fair. The hull only being a bit over 8" in length, I plan on painting and not planking any further. Future postings will show this a bit more, as well as my attempts to make paper masts by forming tubes over various diameters of rods of differing materials.
  3. Continuing with the card/paper model of Flying Cloud. The next step was to fill in between bulkheads and keel at the bow and stern with layers of board cut to fit as I added them. Photos below shows the results after cutting and shaping them a bit, and applying CA glue to harden them. I also started sanding the bulkheads edges to fair in the hull shape. What I found was that in many places the weaker inner parts of the board would splay the outer harder parts outward as I sanded. I continued sanding and fairing the hull, had to apply CA glue between each sanding session. It to
  4. I really had no idea where to post my log. There most definitely is more, I have it all saved in a .doc file I keep as I work along, but only the text transferred when I tried to copy it and paste it here. I had to crop and resize each photo again to post them. I have no idea how to move the posting.
  5. I've been intrigued lately when viewing build logs on the NRG web site, among other places. Decided I would give it a try and see how it all works. I started by viewing the vast number of CAD ship plans I've developed over 40 years of modeling sailing vessels. I was interested in something fairly simply, but one I had enough information already drawn up in plans. I ended up settling on the clipper Flying Cloud. I drew up the plans 27 years ago for a ship in bottle model at 1:750 scale. For a card/paper model I decided on a scale of 1:350, making the hull slightly over 8" long.
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