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  1. Got time to get some work done on the build. I scratch build some deck fixtures with round styrene. I think the finished look is more realistic than the kits laser cut parts. thanks for following my build.
  2. After main cabin is built and painted...next step is to apply decals. Not a fan of decals because I don't think they will age well with the finished model. I decided to use vinyl numbers. Then I installed railings to the Andrea Gail.
  3. Started the build of main cabin. This kits laser cut parts are good which makes each step easy and enjoyable.
  4. Back at the bench. This kit is great. I removed parts for the next step. The part is to "square" for the look I like to see on my build. I scratch build a replacement that is more "round" like the real part on the boat. It is more work but will have a better look to the finished model.
  5. Both halves glued together. Got planking complete. Sanded down then filled and sanded again. Thanks everyone that has stopped by to watch my build. Thanks popeye for the extra photos. The movie "perfect storm" had a female captain named Linda Greenlaw as part of fishing fleet. I have met the real Linda Greenlaw portrayed in the movie. I live on the coast of Maine, so working boats are what I enjoy building. Built a Ice machine on to the deck. Ice machine to keep the ships catch on ice.
  6. I didn't like to idea of planking the hull in two halves. I decided to glue the frame together before planking making sure both sides got build equal to each other.
  7. I started my build of the Andrea Gail. Small in size but has many details on the finished model. Billing building style of splitting the hull in half then combine together after planking is finished.
  8. Got time to work at the bench again. Starting to see the finish line. Got some rigging and the sail to install. Thanks everyone for following this build.
  9. Welcome aboard. Fellow "mainer" here as well. This is a great forum to learn and ask questions about any type of model...(working or sailing). I have visited bluejackets store several times. I highly recommend starting a build log. Pictures in build logs helps everyone with your questions and give you tips to help you along with your build. Working boats are my focus as well. Check my build logs. Starting out... remember it is not a race but a hobby. Enjoy your time at the workbench.
  10. Just got time to post some updated pic's of my build. Started to work on the two masts. Alot of deck fixtures are reinforced using the masts as anchor points.
  11. I like to hear from everyone what they do with kit boxes after the build is finished. Myself.. I am excited to keep ALL my kit boxes from my "stash". When people admire my builds..it is nice to show how the model got started.
  12. Got time to get the top rails attached to the boat. What would we do without clamps in this hobby.
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