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  1. Master Korabel has a few other kits such as Brigantine Phoenix or Schooner Polotsk. Both of them are great kits and should be no problem to you!
  2. Hi Peta_V, The beauty of this method is that no superglue is required. I really takes a few seconds for melted PVA to become solid. And on top of that you can melt it again with hot iron if you need to adjust your planks.
  3. Peta, maybe this comment is too late since your hull has already been completely planked, but I found that it is a lot easier to glue these thin planks using PVA glue and hot iron (really makes it super easy + you can unlgue and reglue planks if needed). Here is my description of the procedure: Hope this helps!
  4. This is correct. Similarly to other kits this kit includes 11x17 English drawings and tables along with complete English manual.
  5. This is the same question I was asking, and no, there is no error in translation, it is called brigantine in Russian too.
  6. I think I used 0.6mm thread for the breaching ropes and for rings, I made my own using 1.5mm (I think) drill bit.
  7. I noticed extra blocks in the videos too. But for my model I decided to go just with the breaching ropes only.
  8. 23. Finally I moved to installing the chainplates. First, I installed all deadeyes into the chainplates and carefully positioned them in the channels. I used green painter's tape to mark their angles: Then I spent quite a lot of time adjusting the chainplates on each side to make them symmetrical: When I was finally satisfied with their positions, I drilled the holes and inserted nails: 24. Next I installed the ship's boat on the keelblocks. I used some sailcloth to simulate a furled sail: 25. Then anchors were installed (I haven't lashed them to the knightheads just yet, will do it once bowsprit is rigged). I used heatshrink to simulate bands on the anchor stock:
  9. I'm finally back from my long break and begin to continue working on my model of Polotsk. I'm getting back into it slowly hence there is not too much progress so far. All that is left before rigging and masting can begin is to assemble and install the cannons, install and rig the tiller, the binnacle, the anchors, the boat, the chainplates and some other little things on the deck. 21. Getting cannons assembled was very easy but super boring. There are 12 of them altogether and it was very repetitive. I needed to make and install 48 jump rings into 48 eyebolts. First I built carriages and tied breeching ropes to cascables: Then I seized two eyebolts into the breeching ropes: And using a simple jig tightened and adjusted seizings so they are all of the same length: No other cannon tackles were used on this model, so the cannons finally could be installed on the model. Here, I only glued the eyebolts into the bulwark without attaching the cannons to the deck, I will glue them to the deck once the chainplates are installed. Also, in this picture you can see anchor cable being laid down: 22. Then I rigged the tiller and installed the binnacle and the skylight:
  10. SpyGlass, please take a look at Vikulaev's video. He shows how to assemble these pumps easily. There are english subtitles for this video.
  11. SpyGlass, When you build the pumps, I recommend soldering handle supports (the ones that consist of two folded photoetched brass parts). I have built three sets of these pumps and gluing brass to brass was nightmare. Soldering makes everything easy and the end result is so much better.
  12. For sure, he is a talented presenter and his videos are very educational and inspiring. I'm happy to help him extend his audience
  13. The first 13 Phoenix videos now have English subtitles (actually, first 3 don't have any, because there is no voiceover in them). The rest of them are coming soon.
  14. The second Avos video now also has subtitles. I'm wondering if there are any other Vikulaev's videos that people want subtitles for.

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