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  1. Hi Eugenio Progress has been very slow this last year - work & life always get in the way However, I've moved the shipyard from the garage to our old kitchen area which doesn't get any use and intend to carry on in the warm throughout the winter. My first layer of planking is progressing - I'm hopeful this is the most complex part of the build, but time will tell!
  2. Yep. Corel instructions leave a LOT to be desired. It's sometime quite unfathomable exactly what you're supposed to do and crucially, in which order
  3. Personally I think you'd be better off planking the deck yourself Colour one long edge and one short edge of each plank with a black felt tip (one that doesn't run!) to simulate the calking before applying glue
  4. Yes, regarding that Elmers link on Amazon UK, it says "product currently unavailable" which is a shame
  5. Your build looks absolutely fine so far, well done I'm delaying the option to fit copper tiles until I see how the first layer of planking turns out. I'm more or less at the same point as you on my Corel build but the really challenging parts are up next - lower hull/stern/bow I'd post some pictures but I'm currently soaking up the sun in Gran Canaria 😎
  6. Had a bit of an accident tonight. I snapped off the top of one of the bulkheads 😕 After sanding the edges down there was a gap of about 2 mm which meant the piece I intended to glue back on was 2mm lower than it should be, so I had to make a small filler to raise it back up If it all sticks ok, it shouldn't be a problem as the top deck isn't glued down yet and the offending piece will be hidden on the outside by the hull planking and on the inside, it's covered by the top deck Set me back by another evening though.
  7. Looking good mate. Next time you take some photos, could you do a couple looking at the stern? I'm curious as to how it all fits together back there
  8. Hi DA Regarding your plan to glue whilst the wood is still wet - don't forget the wood can/will shrink when drying and the last thing you want is for unsightly gaps to open up on your hull Best to dry fit and shape whilst wet, let dry, then glue.
  9. Had a break from stern fillers today and did some other stuff Finished installing the gun port backings and painted them black. Cut, shaped and dry fitted the deck beams part 28 Tested the fit of one blank without bending, just to get a feel for how much bending is required All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed today's efforts The lower deck I've attempted to age it. I applied some walnut stain (which comes out black) then scraped it back to reveal the original surface. The walnut has really penetrated into the deck but looking it clo
  10. Of course I don't mind. Great to have you on board my friend Just as I'm following your build
  11. Nice insight Phil. I did manage to look at a couple of pictures from Challenger's build and they show about 80% of what I'd like to see, but I think a germ of a plan is forming inside my less than stellar mind - so I'll let it runs it's course and see what it comes up with Thank you
  12. Thank you Vane for your kind words of encouragement I must admit it's a bit disheartening to ask questions which seem to be ignored by members of the community All I'm really trying to avoid is making mistakes but with some of these issues I seem to be literally making it up as I go along with little or no guidance I will keep on muddling through as best I can
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