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  1. Before you close the hull up with the planking, have you given any thought about how the masts are seated? As far as I can see, they simply sit on top of the lower deck which doesn't fill me with the greatest of confidence about heir stability and was thinking about making something up for them to sit in
  2. As promised, some photos from yesterday's trip Didn't really appreciate the size of her, absolutely massive when up close
  3. Off to Portsmouth today to take a look at the real thing I'll post some pictures when I get back
  4. Progress report: All frames new glued, along with the 2 strengthening beams and the lower deck Couple of pictures below I made up a very simple jig for cutting the deck planks. I secured my steel ruler at right angles with a fairly heavy duty clamp. This enabled me to mount another clamp at the desired length (72.6mm) and also provided some much needed stability It won't be long before I turn my attention to the hull planking 😬, but before I start planking I'd like to know what anyone has done regarding securing the masts? As far as I can see, the Corel kit doesn't address this and the bottoms of the masts will simply rest on a quite narrow bit of keel.
  5. I was contemplating coppering the lower hull on my Corel Victory,but I think I've changed my mind and going for the wood finish
  6. I'm doing my first proper inventory of the entire kit and please correct me if I'm wrong, but the deck planking is comprised of the really thin and flimsy 600mm long strips yes?
  7. 2 more frames glues in tonight. Started amidships, now working fore & aft, squaring as I go and dry fitting the upper deck for my own peace of mind 😊
  8. Well I bit the bullet and widened all my bulkhead slots so the beams now fit reasonably snugly. Now that the dry fit looks good I'm going to start gluing the bulkheads in. Squaring each one off as I go with reference to the keel, the beams (26) and the 2 levels of decking. Wish me luck!
  9. Thanks guys I've spent the evening widening every single slot and the beams now fit snugly into them I'll follow this up on my own build log rather than hijacking Dark Angels
  10. Quick question for you DA When you came to fit the 2 long beams that run front to back, did you narrow the beam or widen the slots? Mine are a good 3/32 too wide currently I'm just getting back to work on the Vic after 4 years in a state of hiatus Thanks
  11. Well, doesn't life get in the way sometimes. Four long years during which we had to have our cat of 17 years put down. We eventually replaced him with a very adorable, precocious young lady. I lost my father who sadly could not be replaced We became grandparents for the first time and number 2 is on the way I've changed my job And to cap it off we had an extension built which put the dockyard totally out of commission for a year Other than that it's been extremely dull 😂 So I'm back and raring to go on the Victory once again. I made my first big mistake yesterday and managed to break bulkhead 14 so had to fashion a new one I've also built a much better keel jig following ideas i saw on another Victory thread As ever, I'm going to kick off with a question Parts 26 do not fit into the bulkhead slots by quite some margin There seems to be 2 options - widen the bh slots or narrow the width of the 2 pieces in question Any thoughts? Thanks

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