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  1. Hello Christian, Thanks for the interest in the Winchelsea. I need to work out the size and weight of the box. Could you please let me know the address in Germany and I will let you know some time today. Thanks and Stay Safe, Iran Ausley
  2. I am dropping the price to $350. Certainly someone is going to start this model. This is a good opportunity to get going. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hello all, It's been a while since I have posted an update but there is a lot going on here and I have not been able to put a lot of time in the project. Hopefully I can get some updates in a week or two. Happy Holidays and Stay Safe, Ir3
  4. Hi Colin, There will be a link to "Start a new topic" next to "Reply to this topic" at the top of the page. Just click "Start a new topic" and follow instructions. The category that this thread is in is called "Kit built logs for subjects built from 1901 - present day". Looking forward to seeing the start of your thread. The stand does not come with the kit. Outlines are on the plans. You should post pictures of everything you have so we can get you on the right track to acquire the missing parts. Hope this helps.
  5. It's a great kit. I will be glad to help in any way I can. Please post pictures of the kit. You can use this thread if you wish. Krick might be redistributing this kit but I do not know what they have. Once I see all the parts you have I can help with sources to find the rest.
  6. All the holes for railings and other items have been drilled and backed with some scrap wood. The last part of the animation for the cabin is the mechanism to rotate the searchlight and loud speaker assembly. This was not as easy as the plans and instructions show. I probably spent about 8 hours working out the geometry. If you were able to position everything as per the plan and get the lengths exactly the same it would have worked out just fine. If there is any error in the positioning and length of the parts, the mechanism will bind somewhere in its travel. So several hours of experimenting
  7. The end is near for the main cabin construction. All the railings, grab handles, steps, and mounting goodies are all collected. One example of the railing installation is shown in the pictures as well as all the other goodies. The Mission Models Grab Handler came in very handy. Next update will be with all the holes drilled for the railings and steps for the cabin railings. Getting close to painting this puppy! Until next time, IR3
  8. The other half of the railing took less than 2 hours. There is still a bit of tweaking to be done but that will happen when the permanent installation takes place. The exact height of the railing can be set and the two aft stanchions be cut to length. Now it's off to setting up the grab rails around the main cabin doors and the along the sides of the cabin. It's getting close to painting time and final assembly. Until next time, IR3
  9. Thanks John, much appreciated. I made a jig to build up the railings for the upper water monitor. This is not an easy task. The first step was to layout the holes and drill them. Next, fit the stanchions and the railing then solder. Then the jig was bolted to the top of the cabin. Finally the railing was inserted to mark the spots on the cabin roof where it needed drilling. When I then inserted the railing, nothing was aligned properly. There are several problems doing this operation. The first is that bolt
  10. The railing for the aft Fire Monitor is now complete. This was not an easy job with all of the bends and curve and fitting to the cabin. The picture shows the first holes drilled into the sloping section of the rear cabin which were in the wrong place. A bit of filling and sanding before painting. I found that the rear fire monitor was not centered and the problem went way back to the start of working on the cabin. There was a picture showing where some areas of the cabin needed to be removed. I misinterpreted the picture and cut out the mount for the rear fire monitor. The fix shown in the pr
  11. Thanks John, this Robbe Kit is a pleasure to work with. Excellent instructions and plans. The parts are superb. The main railings for the mid cabin deck are finished. The biggest problem is drilling the holes in the cabin wall to steady the railings. The railing on the port side of the cabin is straight, just bad camera angle. Two new pictures showing the tow hook and the repaired mushroom ventilator. Next job is to make the safety railing for the lower Fire Monitor. Until next time, IR3
  12. Today it was adding a few more lights, the towing hook, and a load of ventilators. Of course, all in the rough. There is a lot of painting (UGH) coming up. One of the pictures shows a patch from an error. I drilled a hole a bit to big for on of the ventilators. It is patched but the filler needs to harden. That will be remedied in the next session. The cargo hook is very cleverly spring loaded to keep it closed. Better pictures on the next update. Now it is off to railings. Lots of railings. Until next time, IR3
  13. Continuing work on the cabin accessories. The mast with lights and antennas is finished in the rough. It needs light bulbs installed and paint. Note: the picture shows some distortion but all the parts are square. Photography is not one of my strong suits. There is an issue with the platform for the top Fire Monitor. The plans call for rail stanchions to pass through tabs on the platform and through the cabin top. I tried various methods trying to keep the drill perfectly vertical while drilling but no luck. The roof is not flat anywhere so the drill tends to wander. I tried using
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