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  1. Hello All I resumed working on my Prins Willem. the work I did is completing the 2nd Layer planking and closed some gun hatches , Now i intend to start on the 3rd layer of planks , Balsa wood 1.5 mm thick.. Here is the photos , Thanks
  2. Good day all I resumed working on my Prins Willem Planking and Gun hatches .. I've completed the first layer of the planks, and started on the second one.. your comments are highly appreciated .. Here are the photos of the first and a little bit of the second Then .. Started working on the Gun hatches
  3. Hello All I started to work on the planking for this model, I intend to do 2 layers of planks as I have been doing with all my models. I use balsa wood and here is the firs layer of planks. I've completed the first layer and started to open the gun hatches, I guess it will look much better to keep them closed instead of putting the guns on the lower deck or do you think it will look better that way. Thank you
  4. This is fabulous .. Thank you very much ... These are great shots of the rigging details 👌👏
  5. Thank you Jan, No i didn't know that .. I'll search the photos of this model in amsterdam Rijksmuseum website .. I'm sure it will be a great help.
  6. Hello Jan, Yes I work from the drawing and this is totally Scratch.
  7. Hello All When I started the hobby of building model ships, I didn't have neither the knowledge nor the necessary tools to build the Models... and that led to some ugly ones 🤪😀.. However I didn't give up and kept reading and watching Videos.. I believe the Models I build after several trials became better then the old ones☺️☺️ ... One of the Ships I was (and am still) fond of is the Prins Willem 1650 .. a model which was built by many Modelers as it is a source of inspiration I guess .. I built it long years ago and here are the photos of that build 🙄
  8. Good Morning All Here is the I400 painted , hope you see it is close to the Original 😃. Thank you
  9. Good Morning All Here is some work progress on the I-400 :) Thank you
  10. Good Morning All I've completed the 3rd layer of planks using 2mm thickness balsa wood and the deck fence as well. The planks of this layer are not as normal planks, they have rectangle shape , 1.5cm x 3cm and I maintained 1 mm in between this 1mm space will be more visible after the weathering process. I also glued the Hanger on top and here are some shots. Thank you
  11. Good Morning Mark / Good Morning All Thank you Mark, this is very interesting indeed, I'm very fond of this piece, and am not surprised to know that US went on haunting it after the WWII and during the cold war. I'll read this article tonight. Here is the work progress. Thank you
  12. Hello All I've continued work on the I-400.Here is some shots for the work on the Hanger. Thank you
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