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  1. Very interesting project. I'm looking forward to be part of this process. 👍
  2. Yes, and I think Steven is right to do so. Even the Vasa longboat is double ended and shows cones or stoppers for steering oars aft (see Dafi's pics). Of course at this time (1628) this kind of steering may be a little anachronistic. Most boats painted by Vroom show a flat transom. I found a painting of 1616 by van Wieringen, that also shows a double ended boat: https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/12215.html I think the stoppers aft for the steering oars are visible. Hartmut
  3. Dafi refers to the discussion on page 8 of this build log, where the question was raised whether the boats were double-ended or not. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/12426-henry-grace-a-dieu-great-harry-by-louie-da-fly-scale-1200-repaired-after-over-50-yrs-of-neglect/page/8/?tab=comments#comment-786313
  4. Wow! Excellent work! Did you sand the yards without the help of an electrical device? Only by hand drill?
  5. Yes. I think Mr Maltsev only built scratch models. I'm also impresssed with the gilded carvings at the bow and the stern, especially as it is done in scale 1:100.
  6. Hi shipman, sometimes (just now) the link works and leads me directly to the model. I don't know why.
  7. Thank you Kirill! I very much wish to see this model finished. But even unfinished it is a great model. Sad to hear that Mr. Dobrenko also passed away. He was a very active man in the forum.
  8. Sorry, the link to the model no longer works after one day. It appears only the Forum website. I take the risk of posting a few saved images and hope that this will not be seen as a copyright infringement in this case. If an administrator does not agree, please delete the images or the post.
  9. Dear Kirill, many years ago I discovered a superb model of Cutty Sark in scale 1:100 by a russian modeler (Mikhail Maltsev), who died and left his model unfinished: http://forum.modelsworld.ru/post172874.html#p172874 Do you know what happened to the model? Was it finished by another modeller? Are there any pictures in the net? Dear Marco, sorry for misusing your build log for this kind of research. But who knows better about a russian model than a russian modeller.
  10. You can read the volumes online via the following link. If I remember correctly, they could also be downloaded directly from the Cutty Sark Trust until a few years ago. This is also possible here under this link, but only if you register. https://www.yumpu.com/en/Cutty_Sark_Conservation
  11. I think this applies to the time before the Armada period. Indeed this variety of guns was found on the wreck of the Mary Rose. But the "Queens Ships" (the Royal Navy of the time) from about 1570 onwards tended to standardization. As far as I know the Revenge had cast bronze guns although guns could already be cast from iron in England at this time.
  12. Mine is probably Cirdan. But I like the sound of the name "Glorfindel". Your work is nice and accurate 👍. But I wonder, if a ship like the Revenge had wrought bronze guns. At this time (at about 30 - 40 years after the loss of the Mary Rose) I beg that only minor ships may have used them.
  13. Good idea! During the rigging work, however, one should not exactly hear the passages in which hobbits or dwarfs get caught and wrapped in webs of large, evil spiders. 😉 There is no chance. It is privately owned, one of the few pics can be found in Bryce Walker's book. I's relatively small, so details are not really visible. Here is a picture in higher resolution, but in b/w: https://rkd.nl/nl/explore/images/record?query=de+Maecht&start=11 The differences to the Smerwick sketch are clearly visible (o
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