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  1. OK, Confederacy experts, now I need some help. I tried dry fitting the false deck pieces and it wasn't working. When I laid them out on a flat surface, got this:
  2. Continuing to work at a slow pace, given other activities demanding my time. Finished with the stern structure. A fair amount of fiddling (including correcting things that migrated under clamping while the glue set, and, as is my habit, having to "unglue" and replace 2 pieces I cheerfully put in upside down) and a LOT of sanding. Using a small hand held battery driven Dremel tool with sanding drum to rough out some of that which helps a lot. Here's where things stand, now ready for placing the false deck:
  3. Finished with bulkhead faring. A lot of sanding. I was really quite diligent with this, probably more so than on the previous builds. Also put the shadowbox and its ribs in - again, a lot of sanding to bring it into line with the bulkheads. No surprises or issues thus far, but I'm about to start on the stern structure, the like of which I have not previously done. May not get going on this for a week or two with holiday and other projects. This will be a slow build.
  4. Search hobby world USA for hobbyzone professional building slip. it was discussed quite a bit here a few years back. putting it together from diagram based instructions a bit of a PITA - you need to be very careful regarding part identification and orientation. Originated in Poland I think. there is a smaller one nowhere near as flexible.
  5. I've decided to dig into my stash and take out the oldest resident there: Model Shipways USF Confederacy. This is going to be a slow build, because I only have a couple of hours a day to devote to it; too many other kinds of projects going on. Since there are a very large number of both old and new build logs of the Confederacy, I'm not going to post a blow by blow description. Plan on periodic updates and asking advice for problems encountered since many have built this model. I was relieved to find the kit had the good plywood, and there was no warping despite its period of n
  6. As I recall the rudders are missing or at least very hard to find in the instructions (no longer have). Worth investing in Kurt’s cd of his magazine series. (See further up here)
  7. Completed model of Chaperon stern-wheel packet steamer, by Model Shipways (1:48 scale)
  8. Going to take a break for a bit. The house is filling up with ships. I think I’ll eventually be diving to the bottom of my stack and take on the Confederacy. I need something that will take a while to do well and I’m still not anxious to take on a big rigging job. I do wish Chuck still had some of the nice figureheads....
  9. OK I think I'm done now. Maybe a bit of touch up paint but I'll wait for that till I have a case. Here are some pictures.
  10. I like these because the small ones are very light and don’t cause any sag in the rigging.
  11. Yeah, just there to keep tension on the line while I adjusted the position of the stage by fussing with the lines in turn. They are for holding small electrical wires in contact - pushing a button in the end extrudes a small copper hook which retracts when button released. I use them to hold rigging line under tension when seizing.
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