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  1. I can’t think of a suitable adjective to describe your incredible workmanship and creativity, you are an inspiration to us all.
  2. Good evening Jim, I have decided to pull the trigger on the Constitution kit and I am heading for Blue Jacket on labour day to pick up the kit. From where I live (Ottawa Canada)it is about a 10 hour drive but my wife and I will take 10 days with stops at inns throughout New England. I’m looking forward to the building process and the continuation of your blogs. This will be my second solid hull attempt, I built Red Jacket over a two year period starting in 2016. best regards, Audi man. a.k.a. Jay
  3. I am planning to purchase a Constitution kit from Blue Jacket and your blog is of great help and inspiration to me im looking forward to your progress.
  4. Thanks, working on Soverign of the Seas (1640) version. Other build is the Victory Mamoli kit bashed. Will post soon. Jay
  5. Hi Krill, your work is beyond brilliant, your eye for detail is amazing, it is inspirational to me as I am just starting work on Soverign of the Seas, to be frank I don’t ever expect to attain your level of craftsmanship, I spent hours studying your work. I sent you some information that you asked for about Red Jacket, I don’t know if it went thru, let me know and I can send it again. regards, Audiman 2 aka. Jay
  6. Thanks for your kind words, I added a few things that were not I. The kit or in the plans, example, fire buckets on top of forward cabin, brass hand rails along both cabins, drinking water tanks on each side of fwd  cabin,trap door vents on aft cabin, running lights on port and starboard, also there is a very interesting book out about R.J. This book is available from Blue Jacket if your interested.

    best regards.


    1. Bernastrasen


      Hello,thanks again for reminding me of the book,I do not know,I will look,the truth is that there is not or I did not find any monograph that really look like pictures of the ship in reality,escept paints watercolors

      I,m interested in that book,I ll try toget it I will comment on my progress with the boat,because now I do not have much time

      Kind regards


    2. kirill4


      Thank you very much  for You  mentioned abt this book ...must be interesting! 

      I have plan... far in the future, to assemble clipper model... and always looking for, and glad to have information of the clipper subject , thanks again! :)

  7. I have just completed Blue Jacket kit of the clipper Red Jacket , this got done over a two year period and the final result reflects the quality of the kit. Let me say that this kit presented a challenge and I would not recommend it to a novice modeller however if you have the patience and some manual dexterity you will be rewarded. I didn’t do a step by step photo essay but here are a few pictures starting out up to the finished model.
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