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  1. stern flag - my improvisation in design and location . flag s coat of arm used in Philipp II reighn I found somewhere in the internet... I saw on some of the galleon pictures , that stern flag staff locates not strait in the middle line and extreme aft, as it was in later times , but it is more close to the mizzen ... pictures - just examples of flags and banners possible locations on galleon...
  2. Good day Michael, Yes , correct - this is iron transfer sheet, but as final coatiing I don't use varnish but artist acrylic paint of the same colors as main flags colors... This additional coating iliminate some glossy after iron transfering...
  3. Michael, This is very nice place for working and for making foto - this white box - good idea!!! Today I hung the flag on the mizzen ... now all the masts with flags! Tomorrow I will be engaged with stern flag and later on banners - pennants ... and 6 more flags on the deck)) need to be installed ! total there will be 10 pennants and 6 deck ... ps after flags pictures thermotransfering, each one need to be repainted by hand brush (acrylic) at least big colored area need to be threated - transfering film has some glossy effect and repainting solve thi
  4. Good day Michael, Yes, I see on this model ( as well as we could see on the other foto/another side of the model ) it was rigged on one side only... but here I still doubt it was made right way ... at least martnets in this old fashion form, should be rigged on both sides of the sails, how it should work if rigged on one side only? ..and I think buntlines here could be rigged from both sides as well that block you rigged on the fore mast and leading to the main mast... still don't understand for what it is? by the way? I learnt recently (Mondfeld book)
  5. Good day Michael! Nice Job!!! I like it very much! Some remarks, *Martnets*, most probably You need to fitt then on both sides of the sail - to make them workable - Than You need to add one more and double lead block on the mast top... I like very much how You represented natural slack in rigging! *sheets * For me it is not clear position of the second sheet block on the main masttop... as I knew, sheets there passing from the sail corner to the ...lets say , somewhere to the deck and belying-secured there, but not to the next mast masttop as You did
  6. Good day, Michael, Thanks! I have some simple case for it - a few years ago I ordered plastic case and wooden base frame I made by myself... without case there soon could be disaster due to dust problem ... Did You manage some protection case for Your galley?
  7. Dear tovarischi! I continue to torment the sufferer! Now it's the turn of the flags ... so you look and I'll get to the stand! )) By flags ... I did it based on what is in the paintings of the Dutch ... more or less managed to get into the "theme" of flags on the foremast and main mast - comparing the images in the paintings and what I got .. The stern flag is pure fantasy, based on what should be on the original - see the pictures in comparison ... How did you do: - printed on thermal transfer paper - sold in all supermarkets selling electronics ... - from
  8. Good day Marc, Always watch Your works with great interest!!! Bravo!!! Wish You all the Best! and steady progress in Your SR construction... and Thanks for the book! Kirill
  9. Hello everyone, slightly changed the design of the scupperhose, normaly scupperhose should be put on the scupper tube and secured, I showed only some hypothetical fasteners, not as it should be correctly but at least now it does not look as if the sleeve is simply pushed into the pipe :))) - now it is pushed in and nailed outside :))) !!!
  10. Good day, Dear J11 Thank You very much for attention and comments ! meanwhile a few additions - made imitation of scuppers sleeves, became a little bit too "fat" to be real appearance
  11. Thank You very much Marc for attention and comments ! VdV grisaille drawings, full size , You can download from original source rijksmuseum - link in my signature... they are realy like foto !!! I like that there are two ways to free download pictures , it could be downloaded in high resolution or in MEGA high resolution by request ! - recently I"ve received links for two requested pictures from them!!! Planning to request more
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