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  1. But... than You need to fitt all those ringbolts of smaller size...if You planned to use pair" ring bolt-ring"... This way, making ring bolt with twisted end makes this end too thick...:( For "clean " cutting of threads and wire you could use just conventional nail cutters...
  2. Good day Marc, This your idea to use cutted in half breaching rope which is preliminary seized to the corresponding ring/ bolt-ring pair with later installation at place - it is just what we need!!! It is easiest way...making seizings on the model need to be avoided as much as possible! I did all my breaching ropes seizings out of model...and later just fitt at place " preassembled unit"... For keeping / to fix ropes in designated places... or making it looks "loosened " /looks slack - I would highly recomment to use CA Gel, not liquid CA...gel it is exactly that what we need when working with small fragile things which need to be fast secured (and removed if ness-ry)on the model and when busy with all these "rigging" ALL THE BEST! Kirill
  3. Ah , Marc, Forgot what I wanted to say... Did You try to fitt ring bolts with ring, but not only ring bolt alone as on your pictures ? Ring bolt need to be with inner diam, same or little bit bigger than OD of wire of which Oring made...ring bolt with ring will looks more interesting !?:)
  4. Oh yes! Agree.! ..there is risk of rust and corrosion ,if you use unprotected iron wire...I have some rusted spots already...later on , I started to use matt varnish as finish coating to protect my wires agains corrosion...after couple of years, no more" new "rust appeared...:)
  5. Good day Marc, "Forged" effect - was made just by pliers... this iron wire quite soft(I guess it was preliminary threated ,like heated up and immersed in cold water to get it soft almost as copper wire), originaly it used as seizing wire for additional/ control securing important "nuts-bolts" in machinery fields... Regarding "lashing" imitation by series of simple knots, Yes!:))) I like it, I ve found this way spontaniously and than used it everywhere in my model... To get best results in this imitation, threads for seizing or serving must be extrimely thin! I started with using one of three lines of ordinary thinest sewing thread, but this method, separating thread in 3 lines, quite time consuming...:( And much later on, I've found ideal mono thread for this purpose - Gutermann , Scala - see attach Very thin, plain,...no furs effect... ideal foe seizing,serving and other jobs need to be done with "rope"... and as basic threads for making your own ropes as well!
  6. Good day Marc, I have some another experience making eyebolts,rings and hooks... I didn't twist them...for plastic model ,plastic masts ans spars it looks like not neccessary to apply excessive force on the rigging lines...just very light tension to keep them strait ,no more... I used just single iron wire... and blackening liquid...pliers,nail cutter...couple of small drills different sizes secured in epoxy and used as patern for making hooks or eyebolts... Bended as desired (eyebolt or hook) wire was blackened after fabrication. For making Rings ,I used drill as well...tightly wraping wire around drill in shape of spring, when ready, remove made" spring" from the drill and just cutt each spiral/ full turn of wire, by nailcutter, one by one, and You will have rings... you coud see pictures from post 1592 https://karopka.ru/forum/messages/forum190/topic10341/message905441/#message905441 Post 1889 - rings from wire spiral https://karopka.ru/forum/messages/forum190/topic10341/message1016273/#message1016273 Post2448 https://karopka.ru/forum/messages/forum190/topic10341/message1279159/#message1279159
  7. Marc, Just Beautiful work!!! Allways watch your progress,when have opportunities, with great interest! ALL THE BEST! Kirill
  8. Good day Jeff, It was sad to hear that monts of job done now ruined Guns were looks very nice... why do not use CA gel for cluing purposes? It works very good ,making strong parts fixation,dry fast and easy in use... Wish You all the best! Kirill
  9. Good day Tom, Overall It looks nice , but anchor stock looks fitted upside down? or there is such effect on the foto? All the best! Kirill
  10. Dear Friends, THANKS a Lot For your attention and remarks, now I have to start my new contract(I'm seaman) Will see in down Рекомендую этот альбом: Pachelbel: Canon in D - Bach: Air on a G String - Handel: Largo from 'Xerxes' - Hallelujah Chorus - Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary Johann Pachelbel https://open.spotify.com/album/69kr5nuqGTy3bBkuRyutw7?si=bx3FttFbSSuUE5ha2PBuoA&utm_source=native-share-menu
  11. Michael, OC, Thank you very much for your attention and kind comments! I'm very glad that you found this built interesting! Will see you in fall...
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