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  1. yes...need to experiment... need smthng like 10-20 ml volume of such solution- mix powder - water-spirit-very small drop of dishwash detergent(?fairy?or similar brand...i think doesn,t matter which one...some chip brand...) how much need to make powder:) ... not too much...gram/less... it works good , dark powder(black-red-brown mix) on bright surface ...or viseversa greish colors on black ... ...but of couse, concentration better determine by experiments...
  2. don't know exactly...:))), asume ,due to there are those of the detergent components ...surfactants...which make this mix of pastels powder and water more stable _ and more "active" on surface?...but not sure... I ,ve found this "receipt" somewhere in internet long time ago...it was from model "washing" tips and tricks...but I use it in wrong way :))) not as "washing", but mostly for " weathering " :))) my paint works...make them less bright and more stained...if I could say that...
  3. Hi Marc , there is nothing special I think...just use any dry artistic pastels, must be not oil pastels...made powder from it ,mix with water-alkohol-a very small drop of any dishwash detergent...that all...apply on surface/ area which need to be stained,remove excess of staff with cotton stick or smthng similar( wet brush???)...if applied too much...made correction as desired...after drying , could be fixed with ... acrylic matt varnish ( I use )...actualy, this stuff ,if applied...one time ... than could not be removed easily,even without any fixation liquid... :)))... in the begining,I try to seal it with varnish...but later on ,just use it without any sealing attempts...
  4. Hi Marc, Thank You very much for the answer, now is clear...I was afraid abt long drying time of this stain, but looks everything is OK ! I saw fotos of Herbert's models for the Texel Roads diorama( save it as bookmarks/ one of my lovely)-they looks realy cool(specialy weathering wood effect)!!! I use dry pastels,acrylic paints and acrylic stains(maker Plaid/FolkArts) for weathering, they drying in minutes, but never used oil paint as stain medium....and it is just iteresting to see how it works on your model... All The Best! Kirill
  5. Hi Marc, You mentioned" Van Dyke Brown oil paint"... didn't know/ never use oil paints for weathering effect/ abt this paint...try to find in internet,what is it... they said, this paint very difficult in drying...like never became dry,even in thinest film...??? How do you manage it?
  6. Hi Marc, results of your "paintings jobs"/weathering and distress effects - looks good! very good!... I like it... would be very interesting to look at completed painting/weathering... All The Best! Kirill
  7. Good day,B.E. Very nice and clean job You do! watch your model building process with great interest!
  8. Hi Kirill


    I saw some really nice posts of your spanish galleon!

    i am restoring   an old Santa Maria  ( possibly 1/50 ?)


    I have been putting off rebuilding the rigging for a year.  I do ships in bottles,  and this is beyond my ken.

    i might ask you for some advice - i hope thats ok.



    1. kirill4


      Good day Josh,

      Nice to see you, if I could give advice - I will be glad to do it...

      All the Best!


  9. Good day, Jay, Thank you very much , for your attention and comments, I' m very glad that you found somthing interesting / or useful for your current project in this my galleon build log... *but This Soverign of the Seas, is it clipper, or it is that old famous ship, from 17 century? * information about Red Jacket, I saw your message, where your mentioned book as a source of additional information about RJ, is that you mean? If yes, I saw it... thanks , need to find & buy this book / wnen I be back home in May.
  10. Thanks for your kind words, I added a few things that were not I. The kit or in the plans, example, fire buckets on top of forward cabin, brass hand rails along both cabins, drinking water tanks on each side of fwd  cabin,trap door vents on aft cabin, running lights on port and starboard, also there is a very interesting book out about R.J. This book is available from Blue Jacket if your interested.

    best regards.


    1. Bernastrasen


      Hello,thanks again for reminding me of the book,I do not know,I will look,the truth is that there is not or I did not find any monograph that really look like pictures of the ship in reality,escept paints watercolors

      I,m interested in that book,I ll try toget it I will comment on my progress with the boat,because now I do not have much time

      Kind regards


    2. kirill4


      Thank you very much  for You  mentioned abt this book ...must be interesting! 

      I have plan... far in the future, to assemble clipper model... and always looking for, and glad to have information of the clipper subject , thanks again! :)

  11. Greetings colleague, it turned out great !!! Wonderful detailing! I studied the model foto with great interest ... were any additional information used in the construction besides the instructions from the kit? With respect. Kirill
  12. Good day,Daniel, looks nice, sharp-accurate! what subst. do you use for making such nice casting- reproduction? sorry if You already told abt this early... All the Best! Kirill .

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