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  1. Hi, Rich. I do not know about the tools shown, but I have four of their yard tools. They are reliable and powerful for a battery powered tool. I have no complaints about them. I hope this helps your decision. Mike
  2. They turned out great. I wish I had this information before I built mine. I thought I was just not understanding the instructions. But it turns out I was not the only one. Mike
  3. I wish you would have built this several weeks ago. I built two of the smallest sizes to replace the canoe looking boats supplied with the CHAPERON. I ended up using card stock strips because I could not bend the 1/16" to that small of a radius. The turned out ok. I will be following this to see how you over come all the troubles I had. GOOD LUCK. Mike
  4. I am so sorry for your lose. We have a Yorkie that turns 2 in June and I could not imagine loosing her. Again, so sorry.
  5. Great start. This model builds up to be a nice little boat. This was my first one also. After this, you will be hooked. You will suddenly have a closet full of kits waiting to be built like everyone else.
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