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  1. Hi yvessvidal, I use a photo of you for my question. Can you tell me how long the keel is?
  2. Hello, I would like to make the HM B Endeavour kit, but I don't know which kit to choose between the Artesina Latina kit and the Caldercraft one. What do you recommend? Thanks for the replies cnemo
  3. Hi Chuck, thanks for your reply. Please, could you tell me how long is Winchelsea model without bowsprit? CNEMO
  4. Excuse me Chuck in my precedent post something has gone wrong. When do you think to sell the first start kit or plans? cnemo
  5. I' m also interesting at the books THE FULLY FRAMED MODEL SWAM CLASS SLOOP VOL 1. if is possible for you could you put some pictures of the fram? Thanks a lo for your reply Graziano
  6. Hi Chris, also I would like to buy this monograph Please, could you put some pictures of the frame to understand how they are drawn? Graziano
  7. Hi "harlequin", I' m very happy to hear you. I too have bought the HMS Bellona kit of COREL. Soon I will open the yard. Please, let you put a lot of pictures of everything you do. I follow with very interest your building. cnemo
  8. Hello Harlequin, welcome back I also want to do the HMS Bellona of corel Follow your tred with interest. please, put many image !!! cnemo
  9. Hi Mick and thanks for your reply. Also I will use the unit of measurement in mm. Can you tell me the thickness of the plywood that you used for the keel and the frames? cnemo
  10. Hi Mick nice start work. Just a question, are you working in mm or inch unit? Thanks for your reply. cnemo
  11. Hi Folks need your help I want to register for the website NMS Victory Modellers for confirmation of registration I have to answer the question: What was the surname of Nelson's Captain at Trafalgar? cnemo
  12. Hi Guys, I have a question for all you. I would like to do the HMS Bellona. Is possible to do it using the HMS Vanguard kit of the Victory Model? If Yes, are there many modification to do? Thanks in advance for you reply cnemo
  13. Hi Chrish, a few days ago I sent you a PM about the clinker planking. Please, if you have time, could you give me some help / suggestion about it? Thanks in advance for your help and reply Graziano
  14. Hi Jim, I have sent you a PM. Jim is possible to have an electronic copy of the illustration deck planking? I would like to use it for my Lady Nelson buil. Thanks cnemo
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