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  1. As I finish reading A Most Fortunate Ship and research my new MS build, I continue to take baby steps on my Mamoli. Figuring out exactly where to stop is the question! Still much work to do on the bow, but it's getting better...
  2. Geoff -- Appreciate your reply and recommendations. I understand the MS Constitution will be more difficult than the Mamoli build I'm wrapping up, but I'm up for the challenge! Sadly, my biggest concern is that (at 59) I've lost the eyesight and dexterity I once considered my comparative advantage. My attention to detail, however, has likely improved. I'm an electrical engineer (manager) and have spent my entire career planning out details. I can now say I've read through the entirety of several build logs (yours included) and am astonished by the craftsmanship and deta
  3. I haven't dropped off the planet, just taking time to get to a reasonable stopping point on my 1:93 Mamoli and finally read "A Most Fortunate Ship". Fascinating book. Speaking of reading, does anyone have a copy of Anatomy of the Ship for the USS Constitution that they would be willing to part with? I check eBay from time to time, but so far, no luck. Any other must-have reference documentation you Constitution experts (Ken, Geoff, et al) recommend before I restart my journey? Regards, Bryan
  4. You're continually resetting the bar so high it's impossible to reach. It's getting downright demotivating! Apologies if I missed it, but have you carved the catheads yet? I can't even imagine what they must look like...
  5. Here goes build thread number two! I am continuing to finish out the "hull model" of my Mamoli 1:93 USS Constitution. I'll post photos in that thread as the work continues. I received my Model Shipways kit yesterday and have been reviewing the plans and contents. I've attached the obligatory box pictures because, well...that's what you do. Just a couple of brief observations. I didn't realize the quality of the Mamoli product until I started unpacking the MS kit. The hardwood double planking and premium fittings (cannon barrels, carronades, et al) are truly
  6. I know this has likely been discussed before, and I apologize. I've read a good bit on the subject, but still can't come around. Seems like the 'modern' consensus is acrylics, but I'm an old-school modeler that loved enamels. Anyone still use them? (Options for available sources would be appreciated) My 20+ year old Floquil collection is no longer an option.
  7. So... I've been working at it for a week now and I've come to the painful conclusion that I'm never going to be happy with this build. The "current configuration" in the thread title simply isn't possible. If I was 90% complete, I'd finish it out. I'm nowhere near there...so I'm stopping. I'll refinish the bow and put it back in the enclosed bookcase it's lived in since 1995. Maybe one day... The good news? I just ordered the Model Shipways USS Constitution a few minutes ago. I've been so inspired by some of the build threads here that I know where I want to go with it.
  8. So the first thing I needed to do was remove my poor 1995 work -- the things I truly couldn't live with. The bow was awful. If you look at the bow picture above you'll notice the location of the hawse pipes in relation to the gunports. It's simply all wrong. To be kind, the poorly cast Mamoli billet head/scrollwork is complete crap. The biggest issue with the kit is that the plans were drawn in 1982 and reflect an earlier restoration rather than the current configuration. To compound the problem, the angles were wrong. After removing the ornamental metal crappola down to the hawse
  9. So the consensus is that "loom-a-line" ratline jigs are worthless?
  10. I purchased the 1:93 Mamoli version of the USS Constitution in late 1994 and began assembly the following spring. You can see from the pictures how far along I was when, as they say, “life happened”. Things came grinding to a halt a few months later. The partially completed hull sat in an enclosed bookcase for the last 22 years. Sadly, the original Mamoli box containing the remaining OEM parts, along with another container with my tools, building materials, and collection of Floquil paints was mistakenly put in the attic during our last move in 2010. It has essentially baked in th
  11. First, let me say, I appreciate the fact this magnificent forum exists. A lot has changed in the world of information since I began my modeling journey 50+ years ago. I've taken a 20-year hiatus from the hobby (as life priorities mandated), but I'm anxious to re-enter the hobby. I'll post a proper build thread, but I though the obligatory introduction was the correct way to start. I look forward to reading through the archives and seeking knowledge. As with other new members, I appreciate your patience. Regards, Bryan
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