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  1. Hey all, Finally started planking the hull! Instead of using the supplied basswood of the kit, I will be planking with boxwood and walnut strips. These strips will he much more accurate in width for the ship than the kit supplied wood. I am trying to upload pictures, but I think I have a poor connection for my location. I'll upload some pics later. Jeff
  2. You are 100% correct!! I spent 100% of my time with him on the weekends and until he is asleep on the weekdays after work. I really enjoy spending time with my son and wouldn't change it. Would I like to have more time for the build? Of course! But family always comes first. I only work on her at night after everyone goes to sleep if I have enough energy. Thanks for the comment Dutchman!! Jeff
  3. So small update! I've been so busy and tired after work and running around with my 4 year old son, I have not been able to work too much on her. But, I have finished adding the vertical gunport walls so now, all I need to do, is to sand them and make sure the hull is ready for planking!!! Finally!!! I cant wait to start planking! I will plank above the wales first. I will be using Chuck's technique described in his Winy project. I have to say, I am super impressed by his ability to not only craft his models, but also how to explain his techniques! His explanations will really carry me through the planking. Thanks! Jeff
  4. Just found your log. Your plaking looks great! I look forward in reading your updates! Jeff
  5. Thanks for the likes!! So I was able to glue on the stem! I think it turned out very well! It's not 100% perfect, but they are all minor things I can improve on in my next build! The last thing to do before I plank above the wales is to add in the vertical gun port walls! Thanks! Jeff
  6. Hello all! I've been super busy, so not too much time to build. But for an update, I have faired the hull as well as finally added the correct rabbet strip. This should help with planking. I also have had to create a new stem piece because the one provided wouldn't fit properly with the rabbet added. I debated on making the individual pieces or making it as one piece. I decided on 1 piece because of a few reasons. First, it's small scale, so it would be harder to make all the pieces. Two, this is my first time trying to make a stem out of just a sheet of boxwood. So making one piece would be a good intro into making custom parts with my scroll saw. This is how it turned out: I am pretty happy with it! All that is left, is to cut out the holes according to the plans. It is slightly (1%) bigger than the kit supplied stem piece. Hopefully I will have time to finish it this long weekend. Thanks!!! Jeff
  7. Most excellent! That looks better than the kit!!!! It really makes me want to work on mine, but I just had surgery today. So I am out of commission for a few days. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! Jeff
  8. Thank you Rick! I really appreciate your kind words! Your encouragement inspires me to do my best, and beyond! I hope to be able to sand the hull this weekend. I also hope I will be able to order a small hobby table saw soon because I will need to make my own strips. This Monday, I have ear surgery. I have had a constant ear infection in both ears for 3 months now. I really hope it will be fixed. So I might not be able to work on her for a few days next week. Thank you everyone for your kind words and likes! Jeff
  9. Hey all! I am still working on her, very slowly! I have added where I want the gunports to be. I also added supports to the horizontal gun ports so they shouldn't break off when sanding. I want to file/ sand the ships frames now. After that, I will add the vertical sides of the gunports then do a final sanding before planking above the Wales. My only issue is finding the time to do the sanding. I can't do it where I normally build because it's too much dust. I hope I can get to it this week! Here's to hoping! Jeff
  10. Mike, Thank you for the great reply! Your thoughts really helped to answer my question. I think I will go with a light colored wood, boxwood/Alaskan Ceder, for the gun deck, and walnut for the lower hull. I will paint the wales black. The wales, I hope, will be the on only thing I will paint. I would like to check out cherry for my next build as it seems swiss pearl is hard to find in the US right now. Thank you very much for the help! Jeff
  11. So as I looked through the cd of instructions, I noticed that you dont make the rabbet. I think making one would be helpful for planking, so do add one, I first had to make some custom braces. On the left are the bow supports. On the right are mine. I traced the original ones, then, removed 2mm on the curved side. I used my scroll saw to cut both out in their basic shape. Then I hand sanded them down to the correct width. They are made out of boxwood because that's all I have right now! Haha! Here is a pic of the rabbet on the bow. This is my first time doing this, so I was actually pretty impressed at how it turned out! I also added the other supports and stern pieces. I did NOT add the last pieces of the stern like the instructions say to. They look way too weak to withstand my fileing/sanding the hull. Next up is to add the rest of the gunport supports. Then I will be sanding/ filing the hul! Jeff
  12. Thanks RussR! I looked at your build log and it was very impressive! I only hope I can make mine half as good as yours! I build very slow because I dont have mich time. But I try my best to work on her every day. I do agree with you about the instructions. I wish they came printed instead of the CD. I also agree that the scale seems a bit small. I can tell I will have trouble on the smaller parts of this model. But I am enjoying the build so far! Jeff
  13. Fantastic RussR! Your ship looks great! You did a wonderful job! Good luck on your next model! Jeff
  14. Thanks everyone!! I finally finished planking the other side. I learned from the first side, and made improvements in my opinion. Tell me if you think this side looks better. I think it turned out a lot better if you compare these to my previous pics. I need to figure out a new place to get swiss pearl. I won't have enough to complete the model, but the online store I got this swiss pearl from is now not in business. I know I said earlier that I may use walnut to plank the bottom part of the hull. But I'm not quite sure now.. I was thinking of using Alaskan Ceder or boxwood for above the wales. But below, not sure if I should use the same wood, or use a dark species. Any opinions are welcome! Thanks! Jeff
  15. Thank you Messis! I do have a second kit. I did take a hard look over what I had completed, and I was not very happy with the results. I took my first attempt as a huge learning experience. I still have the first attempt model. I did not throw it away. Instead, I look at it thoroughly to see what I messed up on, and figure out how I could do better. Nothing comes to me super easily, and so I usually fumble around, learning along the way! This time though, I am really taking my time, learning from my mistakes, and making slow but steady progress. Jeff

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