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  1. Hi all, I have some bad news. The reason I have not been able to work on the ship is because my son got worse and was admitted to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a rare chronic disease and the drs were worried he might have needed a liver transplant. This is a parent's worst nightmare. I have a new found respect for all those pediatric nurses and drs. They were all SUPERIOR. He just came home this week and we feel super lucky that he getting better. He did not need to get a liver transplant. I hope to get going soon on the ship. Jeff
  2. Thank you both for the advice and kind words. I will continue forward and finish this hull and sand and use filler. Since its just basswood, my local arts supply store carries bassword wood strips at the correct dimenions. I will get some this weekend. Unfortunetly, I have had to stay home from work this week because my 3 year old son got strep. Poor guy. He is just starting to feel better thank goodness. Thanks again!! Jeff
  3. I have been following the guides on this site on how to plank a hull, and I have to say, they are very good guides, but I am not happy at all with MY skills at planking: I am getting fruatrated because I also do not have enough planks to finish it. I feel I need more practice with it. I haven't really broken any planks bending them. It feels like AL just gave me enough to plank the way they want you to. I know it will be painted, but I would know how badly planked it was. SO I need some advice. I see where my errors are, but would require ripping up most, if not all the planks. Should I just "get on with it" and get more wood and finish it, Or Should I rip it up, order more wood, and pay more attention and do it again (learning more in the process) Thanks! Jeff
  4. Wow! Perfect! I am in awe everytime I look at your log. You are an inspiration to all of us!! Question though, and my appologies if you have posted this earlier, how do you cut out the joints and other pieces? Do you use specific tools or hand tools? Thanks!!!! Jeff
  5. I just want to thank your for all the help you have provided me throughout my posts on my HMS Victory build.  Your help has made me a better builder and I just wanted to say thank you. I have tranfered your advice to the easier AL Lafayette Hermione kit. Which I am currently building. (Victory is on hold)


    Wishing you the best, and thank you!




    1. Dan Vadas

      Dan Vadas

      My pleasure Jeff :). All the best with Hermione.



  6. I'm a little late to the party, but I will grab a seat and follow along! Your planking is coming along very well! Looks great! How do you like using those plank clamps? It looks like, through your pictures, that they work well. Your deck planking looks great too! Dan gave me the same advice about using the pen, and after varnishing, the pen lines lool great! Keep up the great work! Jeff
  7. Thank you! I have been sick as of late, and my wife's family is staying for the week so not much progress this past week. But I will have much more time starting on Monday when everyone leaves our house. I'm looking forward to new updates from your build! Jeff
  8. Wow! Your Hermione looks great! Very impressive! I really like how you have painted it. Jeff
  9. Thank you Dilbert! I will do just that! What happened was that I accidentally sanded the wrond edge of that plank so it was a lot thinner than it should be. I learned my lesson there. Christos, Thank you for the advice. Since starting the planking at the keel, I have stopped sanding, and I won't sand anymore until the hull is fully planked. Haha I learned my lesson there too! Thanks you guys for all your help! Jeff
  10. Thank you Messis! I will have to pick up some and try it out! For this build, I need some help. I sanded too much off a plank from the stern plank strip as shown below: I am trying to plank the next row but there is no way to make the curve. Any suggestions? Or will I have to take it off and make the plank again? Thanks! Jeff
  11. I was able to get a small sanding attachment for my dermal tool. It worked very well! Now after the glue dries, I will need to sand it and fill in the cracks with some sawdust. Thanks again for the advice!! It was very helpful! Onto my build, I am still planking away and as soon as I have more completed, I will give another update. Thanks!! Jeff
  12. Graham and Christos, Thank you very much for your replies! I will look at some drum sander kits and other rotating sanding tools. As both of you say, this too is very important; so I will be buying one soon and will let you know how it turns out! Its actually fun, looking at tools haha!! Its been hard, hand sanding those edges to the stem, so this should help IMMENSELY!!! Thanks again!! Jeff
  13. Hey all, I do have a question. I took another shot at creating the stem on my hms victory. This is more of a general thing than model specific. All I have are small hand tools and a scroll saw. I'm trying to make the last piece but not sure the best way to take off the material. I have quite a bit to take off for this piece to fit. But I don't want to hand saw/sand all that wood away. (I also need to fill in the small cracks since I hand made all the pieces). What would be good way to remove a lot of material from this last piece? Or would investing in a sanding power tool be the best option to build these pieces better? Thanks for any advice!! Jeff
  14. Thank you for the like and comment! Yes! I have been trying to make it a point to plank at lease one piece per day. Each row requires 2 pieces per side. Plus, Ive gotten a little quicker bending and beveling the strips. Jeff

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