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  1. Hey all, Thanks everyone for the likes! I have been moving up the gun ports. I had thought I finished them until I tried to plank the strake above the gun port. I noticed the top gun port planks don't line up at all with the curve of the planking. I have some pictures below. Its the top second planks you see. I'm not sure the best way of fixing this. Would it be to take the strake off and make a new one? Or to try to sand down the top of the strake to try to re create the line of the planking? Any suggestions wo
  2. Hey all! I have been slowly planking my way up from the wales. I still don't get as much time as I would like to work on it, but I'm still managing to get some progress done. Be it as little as 1 piece a day. Anyway, I hope this looks good. I am still working up the bulkheads, but thought it was time to give an update. The planking around the fixed blocks was quite daughnting for me. It took me a few attempts, but I am satisfied with the results. I'm on the last row of 1/4" wide planks befo
  3. I was able replace the strips I removed. I had to remove a little more than the last pictures I posted to fix how the bottom wale streak flows down to the stern. I think it turned out better than I thought! Compared to the other side, it is off by 1mm. It was off by almost 7/32". So I feel that's much better. The sheer going down the hull to the stern looks a lot better to me as well . Thanks! Jeff
  4. Good idea. I fitted the other side's black streak for reference and I'm making the adjustments now. The position and sheer will be much more correct. Having this correct is more important than getting the tightest seems for this layer since these wale planks will be planked over and painted anyway. Thanks! Jeff
  5. Thanks everyone for the likes! That makes a lot of sense Chuck. I will order some 1/16" sheets later this week. I noticed the sheer is too steep on the port side stern. Way too steep. And this would cause issues down the road. The starboard side is good. I then realized I didn't follow my guide lines correctly on the port side. So I decided to remove the wale planks that were too steep. I was able to clean it up quite a bit. I know the butt ends aren't correct, but this is the first planking of the wales, so it will be covered up anyway. I
  6. Thanks everyone for the likes! Its been a little while, but I have been busy on the ship. I am starting to get used to using the table saw as both a saw and a planer. The first few times trying to get usable 7/32" strips yielded 4-5 strips since I have to plane the 1/4" sheets down first. But slowly as I was getting more comfortable; this week, I was able to produce 15 strips at one time! That really made me feel I'm starting to get used to the table saw. I have enough 7/32" strips to finish the first layer of the wales and black strakes. I am currently working on
  7. Thanks everyone for the likes and tips! I started getting used to my new table saw. Since I have not used a table saw before, it has taken me about 3 weeks, and very helpful tips and advice from G, Ben, and Chuck. Like Ben said, I had to reduce the height of the sheets by a small amount. I had to create some jigs to support the sheet as it goes through the saw. Making the first strips was tough for me. I have about 10 or so unusable strips. But I learned more and more as I went on. I had chipped, burnt, too wide, not wide enough.. you name it! Advice fr
  8. Thanks G!! I am going to re read your advice as I start to make the strips! I have planked the lower counter and added the support strip to help with the lower planking. I still need to do a little sanding on it. I received my wood sheets! They look very nice but there is one problem. I asked for them to make some 7/32" but they are all 1/4" or slightly thicker. It wouldn't be a problem if I had a planer, but I do not. So I am not quite sure of what to do. I also need to take a little break from the ship. Only becau
  9. Thanks G for the advice! Also, thanks to everyone for your likes! I was able to complete the other bollard timber and the spacer between. Making the bollard timbers was actually one of the most fun parts of the build so far! Other than some small adjustments, I have finished chapter one! Wow what a journey. I have learned quite a lot from this chapter. It has taken me 5 months to get this far. I have really enjoyed the build so far and will continue that enthusiasm into Chapter 2. Sorry for the
  10. Thanks everyone for the likes! I ordered some sheets with the correct width so I hope to receive them soon. Small update. Been working on sanding down the stem and bulwarks near the bow to thin it down to allow the bollard timbers to fit correctly. Here is a pic of my first attempt of making a bollard timber. The top piece, the 1/64" strip, needs to be sanded down but I will do that tomorrow. I also beveled the outer and inner sides. Its a little hard to capture in a picture but I tried to match the curve that the planks will fol
  11. Thanks everyone for the likes!! Haha! It will take me quite a while to catch up to you Chuck! I have finished adding the strips of wood above the quarter deck along with the hance and forward hance pieces. Now onto the bollard timbers! It says to reduce the stem and bulwarks inboard so they are all 5/32". I marked what needed to be removed. Is this correct? I just shaded the inboard sections that need to be removed to thin it down to 5/32". What is the best way to do this? Put some adhesive sandpaper on some scratch w
  12. Thanks Chuck! I am happy with the result! I finished the quarter gallery framing and sanded the outside smooth with the hull. I did have an uh-oh moment because one of the tops of bulckhead 28 was cracked near the gun port frame. I was actually not surprised because the top of frame 28 was super warped. So when I tried to cut off the part of bulkhead 28, this happened. I was actually glad it did that because that meant I could straighten up that part of the bulkhead using an extra bit of stop included with the chapter 1 package like so
  13. Thanks Ben! I will definitely be using this for the rest of the build! Thank you for sharing! Thanks again to Chuck for mailing me one set of stern frames. That was a life saver! I got them in position and here is how it looks: I will be doing some tweeking. But I think this placement is better than what it was before. I still need to finish gluing and sanding down the stern, but that will be saved for later this week. If anyone has comments on their layout, please feel free to let me know! Thanks everyone!
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