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  1. Vaddoc, Loving your work. You have inspired me to start the Deben 4 ton... We shall see how that goes.. It is always comforting to read logs where life, love and all the other bits and pieces put a bit of a halt to work in the shipyard. Brings a touch of sanity to what can be, at times, a rather all consuming activity. Looking fwd to further progress..
  2. Edwardkenway,I feel your pain re the sizing of the plans when printed. I recently printed a whole pile sheets to begin a project.. I was very pleased with myself at having given such forethought to the matter.Of course I went straight in like a bat out hell and started sawing cutting &sanding....all went well... I then needed to copy a few more sheets and after cutting them and sanding could not understand why things were not fitting as they should.After cursing the publisher of the plans I checked the computer and printer...…. The size of the print had altered.!!!Not by me... So a c
  3. Pat, Thanks for the casting "tutorial"... I appreciate the effort you put into the explanation. Cheers, Dan
  4. Hey,Pat, Nice work. I have the AL Endeavor standing by and was wondering if you could share the ingredients and method used in your castings. I have to agree re the crude metal as supplied. I note that one of my metal castings snapped in the box!! Anyway if you are able I would like to hear the details as would other members I'm sure. Dan
  5. Ha Ha, I'm also going to the U.K. in May&June… I'm going back to Portsmouth..again….. just too much to take in first time round...….Chatham and Greenwich are marked in... May I make a suggestion re travel?.. Last time (2017) we got a Britrail pass.It may seem expensive initially but when you see how much you can see and the distances you can travel, it is a bargain. I found that almost every seaside village has a museum/exhibit or a story to tell.....fascinating.. Louie da fly is right.. The rail service is terrific and the rail people are very helpful.. Anyway,
  6. I have to say that the reason I undertake this hobby/craft is to escape the pressure and B/S of everyday "modern" living. Finish or not finish..... I will put a boat on the shelf if I am not happy that I can complete the next stage competently and take it up again when I am confident of a reasonable result. If one has to struggle to complete a model within a defined period or to a defined standard( aside from those constraints one imposes on oneself) one might call the whole thing" work".......thus negating the therapeutic value of the exercise,,, Anyway ,my two bobs worth.
  7. Greetings to all, I have just joined this august gathering and am like a kid in a lolly shop!!! So much to learn, so many projects calling out to me. I have recently returned to model ships after an indecent interval and am really looking forward to getting stuck in. Regards, Danielww
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