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  1. Yves Ok I understand now. Sorry I used wrong word.. axis.. Its shaft.. I remember on one idea before... use thin wall tube... which will static... and inside will rotated shaft.. and this tube I can paint . Because you are right.. should be problem remove shaft out because this holder behind propeler is also bearing and shaft with primer and color will more thick.. I remeber when I read about tube divided on two... remove shaft is easy.. than I can use tube... Biger problem will be find thin wall tube.. because if wall of tube will be too thick.. so diameter of tubewil be large... it will look unrealistic. Thank you for your answer and advice. MadMan.
  2. Yves: Thank you πŸ˜‰ but I have question on you.. You wroted me before about primer. I buyed Revell is less dense than normal color, I sprayed it with air and diluted 1: 1 over the color I diluted 1: 2 Can I only paint it with a brush? and then a paint color with brush? I want paint axis into hull red color...
  3. few notes.. last time i buyed very nice and quality book of Stefan Draminski: Anathomy of the ship Bismarck. It is very nicely crafted and I browse through it a lot and look through the details. I found some details different but otherwise nicely processed camouflage. Really nice. I also have a bigger mistake there, but I won't tell where. πŸ™‚ I tried to make the correction missing. And it was difficult to reconcile πŸ™‚ for example some diferents.. white color accross vent... other.. There are also many pictures and plans in scale 1: 200 like main mast, chymney and more. I recommend this book who is interested in Bismarck I add some pictures for comparison and demonstration fake waves... front left which cover first 4 windows right... only 3 windows.. something to compare and illustrate
  4. Yves: Thank you. Yes only uhmm few months from autumn 1940 to may 1941. And I remeber... I first time used primer on metal plates on floors of superstructure...
  5. Thank you. Its my first build of ship and first driving... πŸ™‚ ...it certainly cannot be overlooked hehe πŸ˜„
  6. With pleasure, joy, some errors and little pride, I can say that I have finished the camouflage base I've seen some camouflages, some schemes. Good but also very bad, but I missed something everywhere. I tried to create mainly as it was historically. Even with less symmetrical inaccuracy. Bismarck actually had it. At least I perceive it. So many modellers tried to fix it and it always turned out bad rather than good. is it the strips in the middle. The angle make it sharp. Chimney strips tilt differently. And Bismarck had it. Belts on the chimney with the hull did not cover... in one line. Uhh my bad English. I cant write what I want say... here is picrture.. is small but is it possible see that's what I wanted should be a regular trapezoid with an angle of front belts + 55 to 60 degrees and belts in the middle - 55 to 60 ... and you can see that belts in midle is not in one line with continue on the hull.. like on real Bismarck and paint schemes ??? Included in Trumpeter kit.. one disaster in midle bad angle and shape... about fake waves i will not write, catastrophe I use scheme from platinum Revell Bismarck 1:350 Is very good also fake waves is correct shoved my stripes in one line... front midle.. back.. I painted dark floors on superstructure and use wooden deck too I hope you like it. If something is wrong, let me know. Sorry many pictures about the same. Well thank you. MadMan.
  7. A little procedure I thought I'd do it in 3-4 days ... oh how naive I was. Two weeks for me pretty hard work. But for a few days I didn't do anything and I had to fight for it. Finally, I thought today that I had to finish a little and see some result. It had the effect of returning my desire to work on camouflage. Prior to this, it was about the proportional measurement of the belts, control and possible correction. And several times around the superstructure until I got tired. Measure, obscure, control, correction and everything over and over and over. Uff. So we only have a white belt here. But it pleased me, because I see a small result and I hope that it going in the right direction. MadMan.
  8. in color... it's also a play of light and shadow, in some shots it's lighter than it really is ... the problem is in my camera samsung s8 mobile phone I will bring pictures with camouflage stripes next time. I hope. I apologize for creating so many pictures about the same thing.
  9. Update... Glued all parts necessary to form strips of Baltic camouflage. Others that would interfere with the creation will be glued only afterwards.

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