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  1. Dear fellow modelers, again I made som little progress with deck furniture, as I call it. I do not know whether it is right terminology. I finished and varnished some new parts. Here is a picture. And here are some pictures from building BINNACLE It is not finished yet. I thought very hard how to make very small compass. Probably I will draw something and glue it on small nut, which will have sanded edges. Probably will work, but I have to create something to see. Till next time.
  2. Dear fellow modelers, again I stole few moments to spend them in my workshop and again I made small progress. Here are some pictures. I finnaly varnish the companionway with danish oil. So much more beautiful. I also progressed with hatches. This one is finished. And yes it is little bit of center. I did not want to redo it. I can live with how it is looking :D. And this hatch will need some finish touches. But it will be done in next session probably. Thank you for your interests.
  3. Dear fellow modelers, quick update. Yesterday I finished the companionway. Here are some pictures. Also during August holiday I was on kayaks with my friends on river called Dunajec, which is situated on Slovakia Polish borders. It was 3 days trip and I made a video from it. Here is link. Hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnibUs0GrV8 Till next time.
  4. Dear fellow modelers, again I made some progress. I finally finished deck planking. Of course everything will get danish oil varnish at the end. For tho moment I am just waiting until everything necessary is glued. Here is picture from deck before danish oil of cource. As you can see I started building deck furniture, the companionway. It is not finished as the hinges were not attached yet. Hopefully in next session I will finish it. Here are some pictures from process. I also went for mushroom picki
  5. Dear fellow modelers, quick update. I finish planking of main deck. I drilled fake treenails and filled them with wooden putty. Still need to sand it completely. Here is a picture. The main deck has tkane 3 day to do it into this state :D. You can also see I finished the dors with fake hinges and handles. Happy modeling for everyone. Till next time.
  6. Dear fellow modelers, I am posting after quite a time. I did not have time to do it, with all things happening. So I was doing more building than posting. I will be better in future. I will try to summarize what I have achieved. So the planking of the hull is finished. Here are some pictures. When I will be doing next model I will use method of planking mentioned on this forum. It takes more time, but it will look more beautiful. I also applied first layer
  7. I know what you are speaking about. Yesterday was that day. I fueld diesel car with gasoline. Full fuel tank and went one kilometer until car stopped. Now I am waiting what will be the message from service shop. Hopefully the repair will be only few K Euro. The worst thing is that it was my father in law car.
  8. Dear fellow modelers, it was nearly a month I posted something, a lot is going on around me. We already know the gender of our child. It will be boy..................YEAH. Hopefully in few ears we will be building together. On contrary I did some progress with the planking. One side is finished. I will try to finish other side today and I will start sanding everything. Here are some pictures from process. You can see that it is far from perfect, but after sanding and polish it will be nice. I will put here cover planks.
  9. Dear fellow modelers, I do not have much time to work on my ship. There is a lot going on, but still, when I found 4 hours a week to work in workshop it is blast. I have very happy news. My wife is pregnant so our lives are going to change at least a bit :D. Back to build, I finish planking abowe whale and started yesterday with planking below whale - only one plank so far :D. Both red and black color needs to be repainted as by using sand paper I damaged coloring in many places. I will finish it after whole hull is planked second time. Slowly I am starting
  10. Dear fellow modelers, again some pogress with the planking above wale. One side is finished. I am working to finish the second side. I like the contrast with the bass wood upper plank. Till next time.
  11. Dear fellow modelers, last days were again blast. Feel the atmosphere, you are in your workshop, outside is raining hard, on your laptop you have your favorite show and you are doing progress with your model. Everything is going on like you want. Even when you do some small mistake you can repair it. No problems, you are just doing the stuff you like. I finished inside of side planking and colored it with red color. Also added walnut wale and black strake and colored these with black color. The black and red color is the only one I will be using on this model. Everythin
  12. Dear Tom, I went over your whole building log. It is very nice ship comming together. I am currently building my first wood model from Model expo and it is Armed Virginia sloop. Very nice coloring. I would like to make mine as woody as possible, but some coloring will be necessary. Keep up the beautiful work.
  13. Dear fellow modeleres, again I spent some very quality time in my workshop. Outside was raining, I was listening to my favorite show on laptop and finishing inside deck walls. As I already mentioned I will coat this in red color. ring weekend I will probably cut out the sweep ports. Here are some pictures. Till next time. Total build time is now 168 hours.
  14. Thanks for the information glbarlow. I already new about it. I had the first part which could be downloaded from Bob Hunt web page. It is great help and great lead how to do things. But still it is a bit pricey for me. So I am now using mosthly original manual, plans and this forum. After long time studying different materials I am more confident that I can make this ship beautifull enough that I will be satisfied. If in doubt I can still ask questions here :D.
  15. Dear fellow modelers, last days in my workshop were blast. I can not even describe it. I sanded the whole hull. I finally made the step I was most afraid of. I am so glad it is looking as it is. I made few mistakes with plank fitting but I believe I can repair it in the second layer. Here are pictures from sanded hull. I also started with planking of the inside deck walls. Here are also pictures from process. Thank you for your interest. Till next time.
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