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  1. Thanks for your comment Moab! I started in 2015 with a basic prototype and took me 2-3 years to learn the tools for modeling, texturing, animating, … and figuring out some solutions for the simulation. So really productive are only the 2-3 last years. While checking when I started this project I realized the video I posted last time is already more than 2 years old, so I thought I can show a newer one showing some of the latest updates. You can see my 9pdr frigate based on HMS Surprise in moving action and the new marine models shooting from the tops to the enemy seaman below
  2. Thanks Denis for your feedback about the rear wake, I'll consider it. I'm curious, when you write about "number" do you mean something like speed or number of waves? Or do you mean something more fluid mechanics specific, like the Reynolds number? Now I paused the work on ship models or simulation mechanics and started working on some models for the ship's crews. Until now I had only placeholder models for the crew (i.e. robots, if somebody looks at the video). Now the illusion of being on a ship is much better than before with a placeholder crew These are my first attempts with human models, therefore a lot of improvement will still be necessary. See below a royal navy lieutenant and seaman around 1800.
  3. Thank you very much Rick for your compliments! I've been looking on the topic boat wake because of your question. I could add a good wake at the sides but I still have to find a good way to achieve a believable wake behind the ship. As long as the ship is sailing in a straight line the wake behind it looks fine, but I still have no way to curve the wake when changing direction (right now the wake turns with the ship and the illusion is broken). I have sailed with several tall ships and I was always fascinated by the wake at the front and sides of the ships, but for some reason I looked not so much behind the ship for that rear wake Below you can see an example of the subtle wake which I can simulate right now at the sides of the ship. This schooner game model is based on the plans for schooner Port Jackson.
  4. Thanks for your welcome and your comments. I had not noticed too much that wind was not being affected by wind. I looked into it and added the influence of the wind on the smoke, hopefully it is noticeable in a future video. I think I have also to work a little bit on the randomness of the cannon smoke in the future (looking a lot of cannon smoke in slow-motion lately) About your thin bulwarks comment, do you mean the bulwarks on the brig in the video or the bulwarks on the frigate in the pictures? Or both?
  5. Hi, I want to show you the models that I build for a naval PC simulation, which I develop as a personal project. The simulation called "The Weather Gage" is set during the French Revolutionary Wars & Napoleonic Wars and it's possible to command in real time different ship models. I'll start with one of my favorite models with better progress, the 9pdr sixth-rate frigate based on the plans of the HMS Surprise (formerly French corvette Unité) Other models which are already functional in the simulation (which I can show in following posts): - Armed cutter based on the Cutter Alert - 18-gun brig based on the HMS Grasshoper (Cruizer Class) - later dutch "Irene" - 18pdr 5th-rate frigate based on the Venus (Hebe Class) - 74-gun ship of the line based on the Pompee (Temeraire Class) - Lugger based on the Le Courer - Small merchant schooner based on the schooner for Port Jackson - Tartane It would be great to get some feedback about the overall appearance of the models. I try to get a good overall appearance as I cannot invest too much time in small details. For example the rigging is in some cases difficult to model to be look like functional i.e. be animated. Also I have to distribute my time between the modelling & animations of the ships (and other elements like cannons, buildings, terrain) and gameplay development (e.g. AI, physical simulation, sound, …) For a better impression about the simulation in action: The robots are of course still placeholders for the real crew which should follow some time later Still not too good at modelling crew :S Thanks in advance for your comments!

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