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  1. Also... a question. What types of filler do people recommend? I am planning on double planking, but that doesn’t go all the way to the top of the hull. The upper portion will need filling and levelling. Somebody I know recommended some Isopon P38 car body filler, but I wondered what you guys thought/use.
  2. I’m a little uncertain how the planking progresses as the picture in the instructions is unclear so I need to do a little research and revisit some of the other build logs and Mr Earl’s practicum to see if they help.
  3. Hi All, I’ve had a little break from the Blue nose whilst I got to grips with the airbrush Santa brought me. I’m still a newbie at it but think I can handle the ‘broad brush’ stuff that I think is required on Bluenose. I’ve sprayed the inside of the bulwarks and fixed them to the hull. I used plank grips to hold them in place and facilitate alignment before glueing and pinning.
  4. Hi Robert, I’ve just begun this model... not doing anywhere near as good a job as you did. A really lovely boat you’ve built there. I can only hope to get close to your job. May I ask how you did the little boats on the deck. Yours looks brilliant, whereas mine was awful.
  5. As you can see, I didn’t get the symmetry I would have liked. At the stern this was because I drew the centreline before fixing to the ship and then sanding to shape. I didn’t think to remeasure and it was too late by the time I realised. I did a little better on the foredeck, but even then, the slightest error seems to punish me.
  6. Anyway, Christmas is all done and dusted so I’ve been able to get into the shipyard a bit. Managed to do the decking. I’m not ecstatic with how it turned out, but I think it’ll do. i struggled a lot with the stepping of the joints at the bow and stern, and it seemed to be something I was just starting to get the hang of as it was coming to an end. Ive then drawn the suggested lines with pencil which looks ok too.
  7. Thanks for this Chris. eBay had it at a sensible price so I gave now bought this. It does indeed look like a useful guide for a newby like me.
  8. Thanks to Meddo and sawdust for your advice. All gratefully received. I am aware of John Earl’s practicum, and I have it in consideration. However, he is more concerned with making a more precise replica of the actual ship, whereas my primary goal is to get something finished that actually looks like a ship. (Don’t think too many of my friends will be picking holes in my work on the grounds that it doesn’t exactly resemble the original. I think it’s safer if I don’t go ‘off piste’ from the instructions too much at this stage in my career.
  9. Oh well... encouraged by the support offered above, I’ve begun a build log for my Bluenose. Please feel free to drop by.
  10. Will be starting the deck planks soon. I’d welcome advice on painting if anybody want to offer it. I'm planning on using acrylic paints( either Tamiya or Vellijo. I also have some sanding sealer. Is it ok to use the sanding sealer then paint the acrylic directly over that? Or is some other primer required? Also, I think Santa might be bringing an airbrush, so tips on that welcome too.
  11. Anyway... rant over. Here’s some pics of initial build phases. Bulkhead numbers 4 and 8 both required some adjustment to get them to slot far enough down into the false keel, and also the forward mast stabiliser required some sanding to get it flush the deck and stop it from causing the deck to be wavy.
  12. Hi All, Following prompting from other members on the welcome page I’ve decided to do a build log for my second build, a Bluenose II from AL. My first build was an HMS Renown Steam Pinnace by Billings, which went ok, so now venturing on to something with a bit of rigging. Before I talk about the build itself I’d like to say few words about the AL instructions. I’ll confess one if the reasons for going for the AL Bluenose was the more detailed instruction booklets I’d glimpsed on some of the photos on other people’s build logs. After experiencing the exceptionally brief Billings instructions (even going to the extent of basically saying, “ build it to look like the picture on the box.” I’m paraphrasing but you get the gist) and their blurry out of focus monochrome photos, I was looking forward to something clearer. I don’t know how recent a development this is but, on opening the box, they no longer provide a pamphlet with the instructions. Rather, there is a DVD with copies on there. I imagine AL may have saved a pound or so in not providing a printed version. My gripe is that it then cost me a fortune in printer ink to print it off myself! ( 2 full ink cartridges!!) You have been warned.

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