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  1. Hi Everyone. got the positions of supports sorted. but after putting them in a lot of the paint came off? "My fault" so I have done a new set, this time I have sprayed them with primer before the final coat. due to my lack of experience I am just trying to follow the instructions, they don't say to put the loops on that a lot of you have done, and a good job too I might add, very realistic! I will be satisfied with something like a decent model for my first attempt😊. Who knows I might build another from scratch one day and get things right🤯. The first pic is of the 1-1 picture that came with t
  2. Yes I'm an early bird, funny you should mention google I was just watching a couple of home made films of people doing things in their sheds. Very interesting, downloaded some good pics of Cutty, have a better idea now. will cut some supports later and see how I get on. yes Its a lovely morning here, a slight frost but nice and bright.
  3. Thanks Keith. I have been looking round the site and got a few ideas, I don't have actual plan to work from, just shiny photos? Thought about putting masking tape along the side and just standing them up dry and see how they lie, get measurements that way. All good fun aint it. Martin.
  4. Hi Everyone. Just a small update and question if anyone can help? as you can see I have completed the bow deck and put the strengthens on the bulwarks. I now need to drill all the holes for the gunwale covers. this is where I am a little confused! Again the instructions are a little vague, it gives the measurements for the distance apart 19mm, but not how far in, and where do I start? I also found that the instructions say to use a 01.5 mill bitt, I found this far to big for the size of the wire, good job I didn't start drilling 😁 I am held up at the moment waiting for some new collets and tw
  5. Hi Everyone. A little later than anticipated. However this is where I am up to, I have done some preliminary sanding. Back in dock now to do some more fitting. Hopefully I shall be posting a little more often. Take care everyone. Martin.
  6. Hi Jim Lad. Sorry to trouble you and I hope this is not infringing on protocol. However I recently purchased a bow section model of HMS Victory from Modelers Central in Australia, they say it has been posted to me, when I track the order using the tracking number they gave me the last entry is Sydney airport, on the 29 April at 1315. Two questions, do you know if Modelers Central is genuine, and do you know if flights are delayed at Sydney? Kind Regards Martin.

    1. Jim Lad

      Jim Lad

      Better to contact people by private message, mate, but never mind.


      Yes, Modellers Central is a genuine and long established outfit - should be no problems as far as they are concerned.  Now your problems start; we are in almost complete international lockdown with our borders closed.  There are very few flights (if any) currently leaving Australia.  When I think about it, Modellers Central should probably have warmed you about that when you ordered - maybe they didn't think about it.



    2. OldMart


      Thanks for that John. sorry I didn't think about pm. just flapped a little! nobody said anything about delivery, but now I realise. Thanks again and keep well all the best Martin.

  7. Thanks everyone for the welcome's I just hope I live up to your high standards. I have now started my Cutty Sark log, albeit a little late through not taking photos before. hope to get some more on in the next couple of days, I dare say I will be asking you all for advice and tips in the near future lol. Keep safe and happy Martin.
  8. Hi Jens. Thanks for looking at my log. Your model is very nice and well built, I hope mine looks the same when I get a little further with it. I too am new to this site and indeed to ship modelling, I have a lot to learn but with builds like yours and the other wealth of fantastic models, advice and tips, I am sure to learn a lot here. Keep well and safe. Martin.
  9. Hi Keith. Very nice build. I thought about the Victory, however before I get the full kit I have just sent for a bow section from Mantua models to do along side my Cutty Sark. Start off small and see how I go, hope I do half as good as you, then I may consider the full Monty. once again very nice work, I'm beginning to feel very amateurish lol. Take care Martin
  10. Hi Keith. Thanks' for that, we are nearly neighbours I live in Macclesfield, Cheshire. I am hoping my camera battery comes tomorrow or Tues so I can do some pics. I have finished planking the hull, put the bulwarks on, along with the stern post, keel and stern keel. Just wished I had took more photos along the way. Anyway I am going to do some sanding today, tidy her up for the photo shoot lol🤣 Keep safe Martin.
  11. Hi Everyone. I hope that I am doing this right? I am not very IT savvy, however Hope to get it right one day. I am attempting the Cutty Sark as my first build, after doing little bit's previously. I am very new to modelling and find this site very informative. I never took many photos when I first started as there was no need at the time, however I have a few after I did the decking, I am a bit further on now so will take more pics when my new camera battery comes, "I let it run down too much and it wouldn't recharge?" Sorry about the big pic I don't know what happened, I th
  12. Thanks to you all for the info. Please bear with me for a little while, I am not very IT savvy but I'm sure I will grasp it. Have to say again. What a great site with fantastic builds and info. so see you all later, on the correct log lol Martin.
  13. Hi Mark. thanks for that, how do I change this log to Cutty Sark? Or do I just start another log. Kind Regards Martin.
  14. Good that seemed to work ok. Martin
  15. Going to try to post a couple of pics of my Cuty sark, fingers crossed
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