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  1. The planking is done up to the sheer. I cut out and patched in a couple bad joints on the starboard side, gave it a smoothing sand of 100 grit and a coat of WOP. I'm pretty happy with the results and once the planking is complete, I'll smooth it down to 320. Thanks to everyone for the advice and encouragement up to this point. I finally got a travel iron delivered after some delays in transit, so now to start learning to bend planks.
  2. Thanks Mike. I measured every which way and the rails hit the transom exactly where they should. I'm going to chalk this up as some small deviations to the planking.
  3. Thanks Ron. Appreciate the words of encouragement. I think the 7/32" billets were all uniform in color and the 1/4" less so, which is what threw me off once I got far enough along with planking. I'm sure once some WOP and time pass, things will look much more uniform. I made it through the 4th strake and I will not miss framing in the gunports in the least. Completely lost track of how many times planks had to be revisited, even after being installed and sanded. Made it through through and have now started on the row of 3/16" planking, figuring to complete the stern up to the
  4. Thanks Chuck; that's good to know. I'm using .3 as well and had gotten used to the consistency up to this point that dealing with a trouble piece of wood is still a head scratcher.
  5. I didn't have any time this weekend to put into the Winnie, but I ripped all the billets I had on hand before it got too cold to take the saw outside. There's one billet where the blade just kept deflecting and about halfway through struggling with it I just gave up and moved onto the next one, which gave no issues. In the picture below are the offcuts from that 1 billet on the left and a plank from 4 different billets on the right. The color is completely different, more cream and not much yellow. I remembered back to the first 1/4" billet I ripped having the same problem, but
  6. Appreciate the likes as always. I finished the 3rd 1/4" strake and it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I just couldn't find a reproducible technique that kept working for cutting each plank due to every angle being slightly different. Every time I thought I had a breakthrough, the next plank would prove it wrong. In the end, side cutters worked and a sanding stick worked best, as well as taking frequent breaks. I also found a simple jig of a binder clip and scrap piece of wood as an upright went a long way towards making sure the plank was perfectly aligned.
  7. Having just gone through this, I would hold off sanding 28 any further until after 29 and the transom are installed. If you sand 28 to the steep angle off of 27, when you install 29, you'll end up with a bit of a saw tooth pattern between 28 and 29 rather than a smooth run. Sanding the underside of 28 at this point is a bit of a wasted effort.
  8. I placed an order around October 13/14 and it arrived today. Postmark was November 13, so they are shipping.
  9. Very wise advice JJ. I finished up the first run for all the gunports. It took a couple hours of walking away and coming back before I was happy and didn't have to touch anything up before installing the final planks. Looking back, not sure why I found it so stressful. Everything got a good sanding in preparation for the short runs between the ports, which should be pretty straightforward. The Chop-It has been working great for the ones I've done so far. As an aside, I don't know if it's the smell of the wood, but my cat is absolutely infatu
  10. Things have really slowed down the past few days as I work my way through the gunports, but I've been making great progress. As the planking touches the bollards, I switched over to 1/16" thick planking and sanded it flush to the bollards. Still more light sanding to be done, but it appears to have worked out great. Slowly working my back on the gunports and building up the planks in between. I'm definitely finding the gunports to be pretty stressful as invariably as much as I think something is lined up and perfect, after it's glued in and the clamps re
  11. Looking great and that's a good tip on the moulding. I'm at least 3 or 4 months away and I was already starting to think about this earlier today. One less thing I'll have to stress about.
  12. Thank you all for the likes. I didn't quite finish the first run today, but I did successfully create the tabbed plank for the 12th gunport on each side. It took 3 tries to get the process down and the first one done. I started by measuring out a little bit from each side of the gunport as well as scribing a 1/4" plank against the rest of the run as below left. I then removed all the excess and measured a 1/32" shim against the bottom of the gunport. I cut the bottom of the gunport and then used the shim to measure out to the uprights. Then the plank we
  13. Thanks for the likes; it continues to motivate. Long update on pictures for what seems a very little amount of work today, but it feels like a critical milestone. I installed the first plank under the gunports on each side and finally got everything level. I thought everything was great yesterday, but turns out there was one small, but critical element off. I'm much better with a knife than a file, so I found a process that works well for me. I started by carefully carving out plank to match the gunports after making sure the plank was solidly in the rabbet.
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