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  1. Thanks Matt and everyone for the likes. Funny. I've had that plan hanging on my wall since I started Chapter 2 and I think looking at it so frequently made me completely look past those views of the moldings. Thanks for the advice on the scrapers Joe. Seems like a great way to create uniform thickness.
  2. Chapter 3 has officially begun. It took awhile to get the transom lined up properly and marked out, and then about 3 tries to glue it up so everything is aligned. They aren't very visible, but I drew some key marks in the outside, lower corners of the outermost windows that were my primary marks when I went to glue it up. I also put a tiny mark on each side of the transom where it touched the hull, plus (not visible) one underneath the transom at the center and each edge. I made sure to glue sparingly as I (correctly) anticipated that it was probably going to take a coup
  3. Awesome work Fred. What color blue is that you are using? It meshes up well with the friezes. The stem looks like the one area where everyone has created their own look.
  4. Thanks JJ. Now that Chapter 2 is done, I built a cradle and have her upright again, it feels like I can work at a much more leisurely pace. I've put enough coats of WOP over the last two weeks that it's probably structural by now .
  5. Thanks Ron. Appreciate the kind words. It's amazing how much easier planking became after watching those videos. I wish I had practiced edge bending a bit more before starting below the wales.
  6. Thanks Edward. It feels nice to be done with the planking. I'm especially happy to.be done with heavy sanding for a bit. I've been sanding to 220 and applying WOP as I've worked my way back, so my next few days are going to be continuing to apply additional coats while sanding down to 320 as well as finally painting the bottom of the wales. Plenty of time to build a cradle as well. This afternoon I took a crack at the sternpost and put a pin in Chapter 2. Looking forward to a few days cleanup and poring over chapter 3. Brought her out to t
  7. Thanks JJ and Vladimir. Super short update as the glass contents aren't getting any younger. Longer update after some cleanup and WOP.
  8. Thanks Chuck and everyone for the likes. Looks like a larger plank won't be in the cards. I'm going to need to thin out the installed plank closer to the wales over the last couple bulkhead and off the stern. Looks like I spent too much time worrying about nothing.
  9. Getting close to the end of Chapter 2 and I'm finding an extreme feeling of satisfaction tempered by a bit of sadness that the planking is almost done. First, the big oops on this belt. Somehow missed the proper shift on both sides for the 2 planks in the belt closest to the keel. Wasn't paying attention to my tick marks. Regardless, they are not visible when then the ship is turned upright, so I decided not to pull them, but figured I'd call it out as it's noticeable in pictures. I've been working my way back, sanding and applying WOP as I go.
  10. That looks awesome Rusty. Now that the chapters have caught up to the rudder, do you think it would been easier/less stressful to rough in the hole when installing the sternpost and finishing up chapter 2?
  11. Thanks Matt. That's really nice of you; I wish I could go back and re-plank the 1st belt again, such a learning curve. I had to go back and look at those posts and I think if I were to do it again (especially using birch plywood), I would have gone outside and used a palm/mouse sander to pre-fair those bulkheads as much as possible before getting them on the ship.
  12. Thanks guys for the encouragement; and everyone for the likes. I've really come to love the cedar and the variation of texture and color between each billet. It seems that a couple coats of WOP and a few weeks to mellow pulls things together.
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