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  1. I am embarking on a build of this kit. I found a log for the 1:72nd scale version, but seemingly none exist for this scale. Here are the kit parts
  2. While awaiting the arrival of additional brass nails from Amazon, I installed the traveler, using a block purchased from MS (1/4 in walnut). Also prepped are the mast stays and fittings installed on the mast. Pondering the next build as well, suggestions are welcomed.
  3. Sail construction today, waiting for complete drying to make holes and begin lashing. Somehow, I lost the leech strip I had fabricated and had to make do with remnants. The kit did not include much spare sail material. The yellowish tinge is a result of the glue wash.
  4. Yes as it is well designed for beginners. Just the right amount of learning, for me.
  5. Thanks @Matt D. @SkiBee, did you paint the stay clips and oarlocks brass or gold ? Based on your comments, I fabricated new, and longer, pintle straps using the PE frame, which look and worked better than the kit supplied parts, IMHO. Rudder is hung; it needs a bit of touch-up, but not today. The kit supplied 18 brass nails (WP0993) ,but the kit requires 22 🙄. 8 for oarlock pads, 2 for back stays, 4 for rudder pintles, 6 for rudder gudgeons, 2 for mast top backstays. (The parts list says 16 are needed). I left off the two inboards on the top gudgeon, a
  6. The Pram is painted, floorboards and thwarts installed. I have finished the boom and gaff, the main mast is shaped, and needs its fittings installed. The Pram interior is Hull Yellow Ochre (MS4829) and the exterior Blue Trim (MS4811). The floorboards and thwarts are stained red oak and have a coat of satin polyurethane applied. I did add some material to the inboard floor cleats as the floorboards flanking the dagger board case were not level. The last photo used a flash as I needed front fill, but it is rather harsh light. It also shows that the interior needs a bit of touch
  7. Post scan and reprint of plan page above, at 102%. Note the gaff is on the plans for calibration. The gaff is exactly registered to the plans, the camera has distorted the photo slightly. 🙄 It would seem prudent to print scales on such instruction pages to allow verification/calibration. This in light of @kurtvd19's comment below. For a relative novice, these sorts of errors are a potential minefield.
  8. Work began on the gaff and boom. I notice the printed material in the instruction booklet WRT these items appear to NOT be to scale. I am attempting to print at the correct size and will report the adjustment required. This is puzzling as I used the measuring strips on the previous page of the instructions for frame and thwart supports installation, and these seem to be properly placed.
  9. This kit is the first in a series by Model Shipways intended as an introduction to model ship building skills. These photos are of my second build of the Dory.
  10. Thanks very much @SkiBee. Full disclosure; I built the MS Dory kit twice before moving on to this Pram. There are two photos of the second build on the MS web site if anyone is interested. (https://modelexpo-online.com/Model-Shipways-Lowell-Grand-Banks-Dory-Model-Wooden-Model-Ship-Kit-124-Scale_p_3957.html) The second Dory was much better than my first effort. I have woodworking experience, which as helped, I think. However, planking is definitely a new skill. These kits are very much different from plastic or resin kits, in my experience. I also wanted to mention
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