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  1. Progress is slow this time of year for me, work keeps getting in the way. I managed to redo the galleries, still not completely happy but decided it’s good enough. Did the port light and scuppers and started on the transom details.
  2. The galleries have been the most difficult part of this build for me so far. I’m not real happy with how they are turning out, I’m tempted to tear them off and start them over.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Jsgerson I’ve used your build log a few times for reference when I get stuck, thanks for the link to xken’s build, that will come in handy. Right now I’m struggling with the rear gallery window frames, I just can’t seem to get the window frame that is closes to last gun port to look right. Something that should be simple is frustrating me right now. My progress on the build will be slow now that the weather is getting better, gotta go back to work so that doesn’t leave me much free time to work on the ship.
  4. Completed the planking and did some painting for a change of pace. I didn’t get too critical on planking since most of it will be covered by copper and paint.
  5. So I was hoping someone could offer a little help on painting. I’ve read so many different approach’s on here I’m not sure which way is best. My question is should I use the polycrylic first or just use primer then paint. I’ve also read about a sandable sealer, should I use that instead? I plan on using the Tamiya paint, I can either brush it on or use an airbrush. Also where the copper goes is it best to leave it bare wood or use a sealer first.
  6. Finished up on the Wales, not quite what I was hoping for but putty and paint will hopefully hide my mistakes.
  7. Slowly working on the wale planks, I have 1 more to lay but running out of room on the transom. Apparently I miscalculated on how much to taper. Hopefully it will all work out in the end but I have my doubts.
  8. I decided to do a build log on my constitution, I wasn’t going to at first but decided to go for it. It’s my second wooden ship build, the first one was a little over 15 years ago. Just a small artisan Latina kit that I don’t even remember the name of. After looking at a lot of the ships built on here I don’t think mine can compare to the level of most on here, my skills aren’t that good but I really enjoy building it. I’ve been following bob hunts practicum for the most part. I started around December of 2020. I didn’t take too many pics as I went along because I didn’t plan on doing a build log but I’ll put up what I have to this point and try to keep up from here on. Here are my pics in no particular order and thanks for looking.
  9. Excellent work. I was curious, did you use the kit supplied copper tape for the hull? I was debating wether to use that or some premade copper plates.
  10. I wonder if anyone would know how close to scale those copper plates would be for a model shipways constitution. I really like the look of those over the copper tape.
  11. That’s a good idea, I’ll pick through the pile and set the good stuff aside.
  12. Thanks for all the reply’s. I wasn’t looking to start a business, just a little side project to help out the ship modelers on here and maybe make a little profit to put towards the hobby. The only thing I would need to get would be the Byrnes saw. But like you guys said it’s not really the right wood for modeling. I almost feel bad burning such nice wood but I guess that’s about all it’s good for.
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