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  1. Well some minor progress to report did build the fore top and maintop seen here in photos dry fit to masts that are sitting in holes in hull next up is to finishh the channels I plan to use a shroud on each mast to determine the chain plate angles and get those set up i am also planning a stand but not sure how I want to do it the keel seems too thin for screws I may just sit it on a cradle
  2. Thanks Wintergreen Speaking of doing my own thing I decided to build the tops rather than use the stamped out parts in kit (plus one of them broke while removing it) I will plank it using the kit piece. As a template In the picture I may cut out thin piece and use .5 mm strips on both sides then cross supports to keep it solid
  3. just saw your copper post. I got my copper tape in mail last week The riveted look is not correct since this is not a 20th century battleship the copper was nailed on with copper nails flush with the surface not rivetted I prefer your subtle approach I may dispense with anything and just have the plates; not sure yet
  4. great work DJC! I also am in a "long build" of Charles Morgan (Artesania Latina) with a decade-long hiatus after assembling the frame I like your deck. I f I could do it again I would not use the AL wood as it is too wide but live and learn And I have posted old photos as a bit of a catch-up also. keep up the good work.
  5. I thought I would make a few comments about the Artesania Latina Morgan model itself As I was going to start planking I found that the stern was way too small compared to the big wide stern on the actual ship. I cut out a slightly larger transom and "padded" the planking on the last one or two frames to build it up a little. I also found the wide piece of wood for the bulwarks problematic to try to bend at t he bow and install. I have a feeling mine is not correct as I ended up not able to add the extra piece below the cap rail as it would have been too high. I had seen t
  6. Here is the current state of build i sat dowel in the mast holes and sat the bowsprit on to see how it looks will be doing some lower mast work for a change of pace also need that to line up the shrouds to add the lower channels with grooves for the chain plates at the correct angle
  7. Thanks wintergreen i took photos of plans hanging on wall sample below ian the first layer was limewood
  8. thanks Ian I have to check on the wood - I discovered the clamps a little while ago that are not painted black so they wont leave the black marks on the wood when contacting the glue I plan to use those from now on I have not noticed the saw wearing out , good question though. is there a small mitre box that is wood? will post more recent pictures shortly
  9. Bought this decades ago and many years ago I assembled the frames left on the shelf and started again a couple years ago i am ar the point where the second planking is down to waterline I plan to copper with tape so I will post some current photos and pictures of the plans as I saw an ask for plan photos
  10. I have artesania Latina Charles Morgan I will likely start build log soon and can post photos of plans there
  11. I have been building this same kit for many years i built the frame and then it sat for decade or more continuing now and have just completed second plank down to the waterline where I will put copper tape likely start a build log soon just joined so need to figure that out
  12. Yes a couple of times was plenty the 5 hours in pouring rain just slightly above freezing was the last time...
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