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  1. So making the Burton Pendants I first siezed the rope the full length and then siezed the block onto it. This didn't look right to me so I redid them. I then did the whole seizing after putting the block on and then wrapped the rope from the block up. Was a simple matter to tie some rope on the block to hold one end. I am hoping this is the right way for these. Here is the color of the cotton thread I am using. Now I have been having trouble with my serving machine as I wasn't real careful when assembling it and it was binding and squeaking. What solved it was to spray the gears and also the joint with this silicone spray. Now it is slick and I can turn it with one finger. The pendants are all rigged but not tightened yet. I sure have a mess of rope on the deck I need to take care of soon.
  2. I have also been eyeing up the mono and can see there is a huge difference in the printing quality of a resin printer. They are reasonably priced now and want to see how everyone makes out with the Anycubic Mono. The wash and cure station looks like a necessary piece also. I am a little concerned about the smell during printing though and the Admiral has a keen sense of smell
  3. Gaff is rigged and lines not tied off yet. I am going to also redo the belaying pins and see if I can get them more even this time so they are not in place.
  4. Amazon is supposed to have some in a week also.
  5. Spent the day yesterday getting practice on my Proxxon FET table saw and made this stand. Not sure if I like it or not though.
  6. So I ordered the saw Monday night and received it Friday from Home Depot. I also ordered the other two different blades for it. The Super Cut and the Fine Cut blade. This saw works pretty good and using the fine tooth blade is will be able to cut planks. The super cut is a weird blade and not sure what to use it for. Now I did use the fine toothed blade to cut some MDF and completely ruined the blade. Lesson learned on my part. I did make a crosscut sled and it works well. Having a table saw will be a game changer for me now as I can cut what I need and also cut many pieces to the exact same length when I need it.
  7. Rearranged my room and have the boom rigged. Mast is in and not glued so it may be off a bit. Whole bunch of extra rope hanging wherever I can put it.
  8. I like this. How is working with the cherry wood for planking? Hard to cut and bend or easy?
  9. Thanks for the opinions everyone. Yes I would get the more expensive Brynes saw but look at it this way. $450 plus 30% exchange and then 15% duty and then shipping puts it out of my price range. Sorry I didn't specify that at the start of the question. I really appreciate that and you helped me make up my mind. Wanted to make sure it was decent and not a pile of junk. Everyone here has been really helpful.
  10. Before everyone tells me to buy a Brynes saw it is far too much for me to spend in Canada. Home Depot sells the FET for $398 and would like input from people that have one and how it works out for them. Since this has 4 inch blades it will work for what I want to do which is ripping planks and such. I did look at the cheaper Proxxon and also the Micromark saws but then cheap Proxxon has a 2 inch blade and doesn't have a full fence.
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