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  1. Congratulations Jeff on a model well made. Just read thru your diary before I start my build. Regards RB
  2. I've dipped my toe in the water by ordering Lady Eleanor from Chris, but have to say, this is the one i'm hankering for! I just love everything about this kit, and can't wait for release. 😍 Have any prices been mooted about yet Cheers RB
  3. Very nice workyou've done there. Couls i ask - do you plank all the way to the stern? Might be just a trick of the light. Cheers RB
  4. Hi Jim Not wanting to hijack this thread taking about Bismarck, but is it the same as the old one or any electrical bits like the Hachette? Following this prototype build with interest
  5. Wow love the colouring on this! Beautiful work
  6. 😍WOW. I'm new to the forum, and just working my way thru a few build diaries. All i can say is what an impressive build of a very impressive kit! Very inspirational, and shows your skills and talent in a very positive light. Regards Gray
  7. Apologies if i'm not making myself very clear (novice with all this nautical terminology lol). If you look at the keel from the stern, does it taper in from the top, like a 'v' shape as in first image of #7 ?(exagerated) or does it go straight, like the lower image? Actually, looking at the diagram again, i think i've answered my own question as it looks to taper almost to a point on the first pass, then fills out to square with the second planking Sorry for the confusion. Novice questions must drive you barmy lol Regards Gray
  8. You’re a star, Gregory. That has helped immensely. If I’m understanding it right, the taper is a constant width? I was worried that it would taper on both axis and feared that would be a nightmare for a novice to get even widths 🥺 regards Gray
  9. Bingo, Allan you got it spot on. Now to find the references Thanks Gregory that would be great 👍
  10. Loving the colour of the deck planking. What wood is that? Tanganyka?
  11. Thanks Gregory If you have illustrations that would be brill! A picture being worth etc.....
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