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  1. I mounted the cleats temporarily to make painting easier - a coat of titanium white followed by a wash of grey, then glued to the mast and the deck. I’m unsure which glue is preferable here, and used epoxy resin for the mast and cyanoacrylate for the deck. Bending brass strip and wire with pliers was a struggle, resulting in a clumsy appearance. Advice on bending would be appreciated.
  2. My first attempt at a kit build I’ve used PVA glue with a dot of CA for clamping. Matt clear acrylic to the deck, masking the places where superstructures will be glued Gesso to the areas to be painted, preparatory to acrylic colours
  3. When I click on create new topic, the build log section is greyed out. How do I start a build log? Thanks Darryl
  4. Hi I recently came across a Corel Flattie, started and abandoned 17 years ago by my then 13yo son when he found it beyond his abilities. Carefully stored away ever since, I was inspired to take it on. So far so good. At every step, I find I am wondering “but how do I do that?” So I was delighted to find MSW forum. I have a little seafaring heritage. My great great grandfather was an English merchant seaman, lost at sea off a schooner in the Bay of Biscay in 1879, leaving his wife and 3 sons destitute. And my grandfather served some years in the Royal Navy. I have found the
  5. Congratulations I really like the timber tones Darryl
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