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  1. Hi Anna! excellent job on the models. Can't wait to see what you will build next. You'll find everyone on the site is very friendly and helpful.
  2. HI Bruce! The Morgan in it's case looks beautiful. My wife and I live in the San Diego area and just a few minutes ago got home from visiting the San Diego County Fair. I went specifically to see the ship displays and current builds from the San Diego Ship Modelers' Guild. Their representative (one of their board members) was actually working on his "Philadelphia Gunboat" behind their glass partition. I had a chance to speak at length with him. The Gunboat really is a nice looking model and I will watch your build as it progresses. I'm just starting to feel the model build bug since our move six months ago now. Geesh, the time really gets away from you fast. Before I jump back in on my Morgan, which I need to finish up already ... I thought I'd get my hands back into modeling shape by knocking out Chuck's 18th century Longboat. I'm about 1/4 the way into it and have to say it's probably more detailed than I thought! Compliments to Chuck on his design. Anyway, take care and have a good 4th. Ron
  3. Bruce, what you have done is amazing! There have been so many things going on since my wife and I moved that I haven't started back in on the Morgan. The hobby room is all set up and waiting for me though. When I start in again I will definitely reference your posts. You are very talented. Good job!
  4. homer

    Beautiful!!! Nicely done. 


  5. Just a where are you update! I didn't disappear. Unpacking after the move and getting bogged down at work has kept me from the shipyard! Hopefully back soon!
  6. Hi Bruce, Your work continues to impress. I need to get back to working on my Morgan. My wife and I turned our house into income property and bought a new one a few blocks away, early last month. Hence, between all the paperwork, packing and recent move two weeks ago I haven't been able to spend any time on the ship. I'm sitting in Maui at the moment on a pre-planned vacation so I guess I shouldn't be complaining! Return home early next week then back to the unpacking and set up of my hobby desk, etc.! So, it will probably be another few weeks (hopefully not too much longer) before I get back to it. I did want to check your progress and it is superb. Ron
  7. You're doing a wonderful job Bruce! I had to take a break for a while. My wife and I bought another house around the corner so we've been packing and the moving truck gets here on the 12th! Then unpacking and getting all set up. It could be close to a month before I get started on the Morgan again. But, watching your build is inspirational. Ron
  8. Bruce, you won't believe what I did this Saturday. Probably should not have been working on the ship because my focus wasn't there. I was putting on the lanyard to the mizzen top gallant backstay and the holes in the deadeye attached to the stay needed to be cleaned out or made a tad bit larger. Not thinking I grabbed my Dremel with a slightly larger bit and held the deadeye in my left hand and attempted to run the drill bit through one of the holes. Bad Idea! Somehow the deadeye got lose, started spinning around the bit and before I could turn off the Dremel, had wound up the entire backstay and my only saving grace was that the backstay snapped where it was attached to the mizzen top mast! It could have pulled the whole thing and snapped the mast in half. That would have been a terrible set back. I was so thankful that only the stay rope snapped! Yikes. Ron
  9. Thanks Mike! I too actually like the look of natural wood rather than painting. I'm still new at this and the Morgan is the first ship that I've built that has a "lot" of painted wood, or should I say all! I'm not very good at the painting and there's nothing worse than seeing paint build up on poorly sanded parts (of which I do have!). The staining powders are also something new to me. I'm beginning to get anxious about finishing the Morgan and starting with another ship. I have many in dry dock, probably more than I'll be abel to build in my lifetime. I think I might build Chuck's Syren next. I really like the look of the ship and he is perhaps one of the most talented builder / designers I've seen. I can't wait to see your Morgan pics!!!! Take care. Ron
  10. HI Mike, I just happened upon your build. I can't wait to see how the stains have worked for you. I'm still learning and the Morgan has been the most challenging build for me. I regret not installing mounting nuts so that I could mount the ship with pedestals. I will on my next build! Hope everything is okay. It's been since Feb. since your last update. I'll have to check your build to see if you have been working more on the Victory. Best regards. Ron
  11. Yup. I just looked and I'm going to have the same problem with davit and lashing posts placement. So frustrating.
  12. I haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to the Morgan build lately so she's moving along slowly. I had to hold off building the bow sprit because of the lack of building space and my ability to break things during the build. You know, two steps forward...one step back! I'll upload some pics of the last work I've done on her. I should have swept or vacuumed the deck of build debris before taking the pics. But it's been a long time since I uploaded so maybe looking at the pics will help others.

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