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  1. Hi Scott, your build is looking very nice indeed. I just started my AL Endeavour which came in the same box you have. So, it too is about 30 years old or so. The wood seems to be in fair shape. I keep going up and back if I should do a build log. I want to contribute but most of the members are so much better than me, I don't know if they would get anything out of it (accept a good laugh!). It's been so long for me that I would have to go back and review how to add a build log. Oh, I ordered the AOTS Marquarts Endeavour book and also the book written in depth by Ray Parkin. It will be at least
  2. Beautiful. Even "box joints" on the lantern box!
  3. Thank you all for the methods used to cut planks! I was lucky enough to find a Byrnes saw locally that was bought a year earlier and it just wasn't that applicable to the type of work he was using it for. I saw the ad on Craig's list and for nearly half off the new price, I drove 2.5 hours to check it out. Fantastic shape so I did buy it. I called Jim Byrnes and spoke to his wonderful wife (very, very nice!) and she confirmed the sale to the guy I bought it from. I also ordered the sliding table, more blades and replacement screws, etc. It's been basically sitting here waiting for
  4. Hi Jii, the Endeavour will be my next build. I currently have the AL and the Corel kit. And actually have the Occre kit on order (unbelievable price) unless I got scammed! Anyway, the Corel kit doesn't appear to have any bow filler in the box (usually put your own balsa there). The AL kit like yours has the bow filler. The front, like yours is convex. However, the back is flat and I have attache a pic for your reference. Unfortunately, AL is no longer in business. You'll have to find a way without altering scale to fix what you have or add some of your own balsa and shape it to the contours.
  5. Hi Scott, your built is looking good! I actually just finished a ship that didn't have a build log. I'm now getting ready to start on my HMS Endeavour I purchased years ago. It's a Corel 1:60 kit and has been sitting there with others waiting to be built. However, as I unboxed it and began looking at MSW build logs I see that the Corel design is not very realistic. I like the OCCRE kit but it's costly. I found your exact kit on eBay for a very reasonable price and just bought it. It will probably be a week or so before I receive it. Hope you don't mind if I reference your log (since you will b
  6. Exceptionally well made. I have a personal goal of wanting to complete a build with no paint also. Your's is inspirational!
  7. Thank you Joe. I build cases for all my completed ships. I really need to cover my Morgan though as it is just sitting on my work bench not yet finished and has been there for a couple years now. You make a great point. I should be covering the ships to protect them once I start the rigging. Thank you for your thoughts. Much appreciated! Ron
  8. Thank you so much. I appreciate your response. I did eventually find similar in the deep (2014 / 15) pages of this post. Thanks again! Ron
  9. I'm currently working on Artesania Latina's Bluenose II. I apologize if this was covered previously. If so, please direct me to the correct post. I have been running my rat line thru bees wax before attaching to shrouds. I have begun using a bit less of the wax and also running the cord thru my fingers. However, the black cord (in my opinion) just looks waxy and I have been noticing tiny wax particles that need to be cleaned from the ship's deck and other parts. I typically clean everything once the build has been completed. Should I NOT be waxing the ratlines? Should I be using a different ty
  10. More pics: I had to remake the two small boats. The one on the right I ended up tossing out. The white metal parts I used my Dremel with polishing wheel and I also used 000 Steel Wool. It made quite the mess. I painted and used clear lacquer so they hopefully don't discolor. I then ran the wires for the Bow Sprit. I could not neatly wrap the wires at the ends without my hands moving all over the place and hitting completed items. Sometimes I spend more time fixing things I break than building! So, I made metal "zip ties". I used a nail being held in a vise and wrapped it seven or eight times w
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