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  1. Thank you Joe. I build cases for all my completed ships. I really need to cover my Morgan though as it is just sitting on my work bench not yet finished and has been there for a couple years now. You make a great point. I should be covering the ships to protect them once I start the rigging. Thank you for your thoughts. Much appreciated! Ron
  2. Thank you so much. I appreciate your response. I did eventually find similar in the deep (2014 / 15) pages of this post. Thanks again! Ron
  3. I'm currently working on Artesania Latina's Bluenose II. I apologize if this was covered previously. If so, please direct me to the correct post. I have been running my rat line thru bees wax before attaching to shrouds. I have begun using a bit less of the wax and also running the cord thru my fingers. However, the black cord (in my opinion) just looks waxy and I have been noticing tiny wax particles that need to be cleaned from the ship's deck and other parts. I typically clean everything once the build has been completed. Should I NOT be waxing the ratlines? Should I be using a different type of wax? What do others use to have a more professional appearance?? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. Ron
  4. More pics: I had to remake the two small boats. The one on the right I ended up tossing out. The white metal parts I used my Dremel with polishing wheel and I also used 000 Steel Wool. It made quite the mess. I painted and used clear lacquer so they hopefully don't discolor. I then ran the wires for the Bow Sprit. I could not neatly wrap the wires at the ends without my hands moving all over the place and hitting completed items. Sometimes I spend more time fixing things I break than building! So, I made metal "zip ties". I used a nail being held in a vise and wrapped it seven or eight times with the wire. Oh, I first rub wax on the nail then wrap it. Then, i use CA glue and immediately pop the zip ties off the nail before it all sets up. I used these to secure the the metal line on the Bow Sprit. I must not have taken close up pics of this but maybe you can see it by looking at other pics. I also made the anchor items and installed them.
  5. At the risk of being more of an idiot than I normally am ... I attach a pic of the deck structures with the grid tops, some open. Here's my mistake and hopefully you don't make the same one! I kept looking to see how others made the grid / bar structures at the top of the buildings. I have made similar and in fact, on my CW Morgan. However, these cut pieces were so light and with my shaking hands 🙂 I couldn't for the life of me lay and then glue them in any orderly way. I literally spent two full days messing with these until I came up with what is pictured there now. I wasn't happy with it. But, it was the best I could do under my current circumstances! Then, about three days later guess what I found... The roof bar structures in the supply tray that is given to you by AL. Erghhhhh... I was so angry. I'm not going to change them. At least not yet. It's my work. I put it together and it is what it is!
  6. Additional build pics: The deck pieces are not yet glued down. I found that the measurements in the AL directions where they should be placed were "all over the map"!
  7. I wanted to mention that I started this build on Feb 16, 2019. I'll add some additional pics of the build as it went along. I'll share, to the best of my recollection some of the areas I had difficulty.
  8. I have ModelExpo's Bluenose in dry dock. However, I really liked the way Artesania Latina's ship looked, so I purchased it and this will be what remains of my build log. I do realize Al's kit is far from accurate. Perhaps this is why I haven't found many detailed logs on the site. I've been remiss about going so long before creating a build log and I apologize for that. I haven't yet finished my Charles Morgan build. We were getting ready to move and between that and work getting very busy I wasn't able to dedicate much time to it. Then as I approached early retirement, I just couldn't get back into it. In all, almost two years past. Then I wanted to try and get back into building but because I got a bit rusty, didn't want to ruin the CW Morgan, which I put a lot of work into. So, thought I would order and build Chuck's 18th Century Longboat kit. I have finished it and build a small display case. I need to upload images of it into the completed logs. Not that I want to make any excuses, but during that two year sabbatical I had a small stroke and lost much of the sight in my right eye. This has created a depth of field issue for me, especially with building! Then I developed hand tremors. My ship building has never been on a professional level and I do it for the personal accomplishments. Certainly, I wish I could build like many of our members. You all are certainly a great inspiration. Anyway, back to the Bluenose II. I'll post a pic of the box since AL has had several ship kits and many are still out there from the 80's. Mine is one of there newer ones. I know there has been some conversation about this. To start with, the kit looked fairly good. It was only after I started that, like many others, the false keel was warped. Mine was severely warped! I did the best I could to straighten it.
  9. Hi Anna! excellent job on the models. Can't wait to see what you will build next. You'll find everyone on the site is very friendly and helpful.
  10. HI Bruce! The Morgan in it's case looks beautiful. My wife and I live in the San Diego area and just a few minutes ago got home from visiting the San Diego County Fair. I went specifically to see the ship displays and current builds from the San Diego Ship Modelers' Guild. Their representative (one of their board members) was actually working on his "Philadelphia Gunboat" behind their glass partition. I had a chance to speak at length with him. The Gunboat really is a nice looking model and I will watch your build as it progresses. I'm just starting to feel the model build bug since our move six months ago now. Geesh, the time really gets away from you fast. Before I jump back in on my Morgan, which I need to finish up already ... I thought I'd get my hands back into modeling shape by knocking out Chuck's 18th century Longboat. I'm about 1/4 the way into it and have to say it's probably more detailed than I thought! Compliments to Chuck on his design. Anyway, take care and have a good 4th. Ron
  11. Bruce, what you have done is amazing! There have been so many things going on since my wife and I moved that I haven't started back in on the Morgan. The hobby room is all set up and waiting for me though. When I start in again I will definitely reference your posts. You are very talented. Good job!
  12. homer

    Beautiful!!! Nicely done. 


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