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  1. Nice Chiseljob G. what i did tho in my Cross-Section was a bit different, i didnt chisel, i filed down the opening with a small modelers file
  2. here it's more of a case "Daddy wants that Pirate ship because he never had one as a kid and now can afford it by himself", also true, after a few days most sets are being stripped down but in our case my son is starting always to build new stuff out of it (plus some parts are not in boxes and are freakish expensive when you try to order them separately i.e. mast and keel pieces which go for 20-30EUR a piece) In our house all the Lego pieces are always built into "something"
  3. By help you mean 'hide parts so it takes longer to build' then yea, more fun
  4. We went with the shipwreck but i plan to pick up some extra parts before i turn it into the ship (some improvements/mods are suggested for it on rebrickable)
  5. @usedtosail Also not sure if i should post a build log, received it yesterday, after 6 hours we are only 2/3 through the build
  6. Havent looked at it in a while, that side opening really looks superb and the deck openings !
  7. Some laser cutter software will do it automatically, the black lines will basically be lasered at full power and any other color at lower power depending on the percentage that color has on the scale
  8. Chuck, that was mostly meant as an excuse to build your Longboat, if i can find the set in Europe somewhere...
  9. i feel i'm being one of "ccoyle's 12", having disappeared without explanation and without finishing the hull. To my defense i have to add that i counted a total of 8 times when i changed the place (city, country, 300-1000km changes at each point) i live during the last 5 years and had a kid born in between so i had to move stuff away (well, basically hide it out of reach of the kid) and move it around so much times i cant count. Finally having the perspectiveof a new, own home and propably a final move for the next 20 years (that is, if The Admiral doesnt kick me out at one point :P) i really WANT this hobby to succeed and not forget any of the help i got here. I think with some of the "abandoned" builds it might be like this "oh crap i dont have time, have to pause build for life reasons, i WILL GET BACK TO IT", then other stuff piles and it's being postponed and postponed, the lack of explanation on the forum is due to the fact, that the person doesnt consider the build abandoned, only stuff piles up and then we get into the flow of: "Next Week i'll do something and update the Log, I PROMISE"= this way years can pass
  10. Hello, as i am now planning way ahead for the Winnie build, i started to think about what size the longboats would be Would Chuck's Model Shipways 18th Century Longboat work for her or is ith too big ? I figured to do some small project while i wait for my new Workshop and my thoughts started to drift in the direction of longboat/cutter etc Alternatively CAF has a 168mm Longboat and a 130mm Cutter plus a 2-masted 238mm 'Boat' Chucks Longboat is around 300mm if i see it right (dunno tho if the measurment is with bowsprit or without) Any tips here ?
  11. on the Triton i was experimenting with a "cheat" planking = try to get the main planks as good as possible but use 2 thinner layers ( and then add a 3rd very thin veneer layer to cover up any mistakes) although i see the logic behind doing it properly from start i'm still 2 months away from setting up my workshop in the new home
  12. For all asking: Due to unrecoverable damage to the bulkheads and planking (massive encounter with the Admiral's cat) this build will not be continued. I was considering redoing the damaged bulkheads but the false keel was cracked also the planking work i done (no further pics, sorry) i have decides to scrap this and rather join the Winnie group after i set up a Workshop in our new Home (Cat-Free Workshop ) Mods can lock or delete this topic
  13. same here, dunno if i'll have the time in the forseeable future but out of support
  14. thanks, my builds are presently shelved since some time due to us having decided to buy a home now we are in final stages of renovation which is dragging along, hopefully i'll be able to finish this soon i've decided not to do the mast, this piece will have a small display place and i am negotiating with wife about big display place for a full frigate :D
  15. Hello, i am taking a short break due to other Hobbies and Commitments, also i am waiting for the "AOTS Book: Pandora" so i can redesign the Stern Galleries (i have to sit in AutoCAD and redraw some parts for laser-cutting and hoping the Pandora Drawings will give some inspiration)
  16. yes, on this pic it looks like it's curving the wrong way but it's actually straight - i am adding camber via an additional plank cut in a curve - the lime wood i have doesnt want to bend on such short planks - but veneer layer later on should fix this visually
  17. well, i figured something out which in my oppinion looks decent enough and fits with the main wale quite ok - i am now fitting the 4th strake of the main wale and will post a pic later when i finished (starboard done, port last strake left to do)
  18. Imagine a Diorama with this and a 1/32 Luxury Ocean Schooner/Yacht both together
  19. no worries, just read the stickies in this section:
  20. Nice start, however i think you should rename your build log

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