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  1. This is really lovely! And she'll come even more alive as you start fitting her out, internally. Andy
  2. A 1/8th scale clinker dinghy! Perfect size, wonderful subject. Is there something in the air? 😀 Andy, a big fan of Oughtred's boats
  3. And ... She made it ok! The new owner is a gentleman in his 90s, who 'always wanted' a model of Swallow having read the books pretty much when they first came out. He loves it: I'm so pleased!
  4. And now the sad news! After blocks and ropework were added, I boxed up Swallow (with a mountain of bubblewrap) and posted her to her new owner this morning. According to the tracking app, she's currently halfway to her new home in Suffolk. I have to say I'm surprised how much I miss her! ...I may have to make one for myself in the future, if only to fill the dinghy-shaped hole in my shed. I'll fish for a final photo once she arrives and is assembled. But before another dinghy ... a bigger boat. Andy
  5. Pigs! Cast in lead, today. Internal varnishing done. And keel/stem built up. Nearly there!
  6. Calculating the floors' angles from scrap cardboard and superglue. ...and fitting the bottom boards.
  7. Thanks Jim. What's really amazing me is: 1/ How wobbly/warpy she was when planked up. 2/ How much better she was framed up. 3/ How solid she is with gunwales on. 4/ Thwarts to go ... She won't move at all.
  8. Rattlin' on ... Sails nearly done ... Just need reef points. Mast step. Last pile o' clamps on the starboard side. And... I'm getting there. End in sight. Thwarts, bilge boards, rowlocks, bit of metal and ropework. A tonne of varnishing. But I can see the end.
  9. Druxey, do, please, re-read 'em. They speak to adults: the Picts and the Martyrs is a spectacular romp. Onwards and insidewards, for me. The sail's lovely, too! More photos to follow.
  10. The drawing is a scaled-up version of the Atkin clinker/lapstrake dinghy, modded by myself to resemble 'my best guess' of the literary original. There's a little evidence of Ransome's original Swallow online, which I've drawn from, too.
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