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  1. Oh yes, there are quite a lot, what one of the bases did you go for specifically and did you apply your own varnish to it? Cheers, Pete
  2. Hi Jim, she's looking great! Where did you order the base and mounting pillars from? Cheers, Pete
  3. Yes wood filler would allow you to blend it into the wood better and make the hole unnoticeable, why did you want to use glue as a filler? Pete
  4. I used 0.25mm rope, I also recommend winding the rope round the wheel and sealing with watered pva before anything is fixed in position. Cheers, Pete
  5. Great job on the cathead Jason. I was just wondering why you painted the capstan red, are there any examples of this throughout history? Or simply to hide the walnut ply? I was looking at mine and didn't like the look of the ply layers so I painted the top part black (this part looked the worst) , what do you think?
  6. Do I detect sarcasm there Jim.... Sorry I should have asked more politely. But Thankyou very much anyway, to be honest i wasn't even 100% sure that those were eyelets around the masts from looking at the plans, do you recommend putting them in sooner rather than later? Cheers, Pete Oh and btw, good progress on the rigging, I remember the shrouds and ratlines taking me AGES on my pickle!...
  7. Please could I see a close up photo of the deck eyelets around the masts? Cheers, Pete
  8. I'm not sure about cannon rigging, looks great to me though. Could I just ask did you apply oil/varnish to those belaying pins? The colour looks different to the ones of my pickle Cheers, Pete
  9. Very good technique for ensuring the correct length of breaching rope, I shall adopt that for the rest of my 16 carronades!! Cheers, Pete
  10. Wow, thanks for such a quick reply. Do you mean the panart kit includes more fittings or just the same fittings in a better quality? I know the scale is bigger, but it just seems too big a price difference considering its only 25cm longer?
  11. Hi I'm looking around now at models for a potential future build. I like the look of the Amerigo Vespucci, however the pricing has confused me somewhat. If you take a look at Panarts version it costs £670 (not including the £80 sail kit) @1:84 scale http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/amerigo_vespucci_741.html Now at Mantuas kit, it only costs £295 ( not including the £80 sail kit) @1:100 scale http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/amerigo_vespucci_799.html I don't understand why there is such a huge price difference considering the scales are only slightly different, and Panart kits are a brand of Mantua models, so I guess they are similar in quality? If anyone could explain this to me that would be great!! Cheers, Pete
  12. 1- I prefer to paint metal parts black after a first coat of metal primer. 2. I use metal pliers to cut the rod the a rough size ( sometime a hack saw if the rod is too big), then I use an English pattern pin vice to clamp it, and use a dremel type tool to sand/grind down each end flat and to a more accurate length. Cheers, Pete
  13. What do you mean? I just copied the instructions... I think
  14. Caldercrafts kit of the HMS Pickle, my first build, completed.
  15. Yes that helps Thankyou, I will try using a different weaker glue and hopefully it won't change colour, also when you glue the rope coil down to the deck do you water it down or not? And one last thing, over on my log I have asked about the side fenders, if possible could you try and help me? Thanks! Pete

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