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  1. Looks like I will need to get a thickness sander.. been wanting too for awhile anyway.
  2. Chuck, are kits still available? While I wait for a wood source for my Triton cross I was thinking of this one.
  3. Made a trip to my printer today. I wanted to get the plans printed on their equipment because it would give me a chance to look at the scale I wanted. WOW is about all I can say about 1:24.... I had the 1st frame printed in three scales, 1:48, 1:32, and 1:24. After seeing the size, I have decided on 1:32 Now that I have the scale picked out, time to figure out sizes and types of wood. I hope somebody out there can help me with the amounts needed..... this is going to be so fun.
  4. I am not sure yet on scale, but I will go a little bit larger than 1:48. My Arthritis doesnt like stuff too small. I will definitely try to make a list for the larger scale. At least in sheets. I have a good mini table saw to rip my stock. If the two sources here in the US stay closed too long, I will have to buy larger stock and invest in a drum thickness sander.
  5. To be sure on my scale, and on proper plan size when printed... I am not sure if the plans are metric or standard, The plans for the Triton are 1:48, so.... On each sheet, The distance between any given number on the "scale in feet" diagram on each frame sheet should relate to the actual scale of model. IE... If 1:48, the distance between #1 and #2 should be 1/4" ? If true then scales are as follows? 1:48 - 1/4" between numbers 1:32 - 3/8" between numbers 1:24 - 1/2" between numbers correct?
  6. Now to decide on scale. I wanted to go larger as my hands would feel better, but 1:24 is large... Maybe 1:32? not too sure yet.
  7. Just a little guidance needed on files before I print most. I printed two Frame sheets. I used no "fit to sheet" option and 100%. Two sections are different scale. I am assuming that the 0DoubleFrame64, selected above, is WHAT? it definitely is not the same scale as the 0DoubleFrameComponent481, of which I think is 1:48 scale at 100% The KeelParts481 is the same scale as the 2nd file. So where did this 0DoubleFrame64 come from? and what is it used for?
  8. Headed to my favorite blueprint shop today. Will make a build board this weekend. Any suggestions for which style or type?
  9. Thanks Chad. I have a very nice dewalt scroll saw and decent sander. I also use my drill press with a small drum sander attachment for inside curves... I just cant find any sources for pre cut wood right now. They are all closed.
  10. @Pete38 You live about one hour from me. BTW I can not see any of your photos on your cross section build.
  11. Ok, I am a new builder so this has confused me a little. I plan on building the cross section at 1:48 wich I presume is what the drawings are set to. "I have downloaded them, but not looked at them yet." Which wood list should I use? I was going to order a Byren sander but will wait, so I need tl order my wood pre milled. Hopefully I can order wood today. I am sure there will be a few mistakes and do overs so a little extra never hurts. Plus if all goes well, I will use the extra on another build anyway.
  12. OK I was looking at a Brynes Sander, have been for some time, but I think I will get pre-milled wood for this build and get my sander later. Issue is that both Crown Timberyard and Wood Project Source are CLOSED! I hope not for long!
  13. Here we go.... I have finally got back in the saddle again. Although my experience in POB or POF is not much, I do have extensive experience with scratch building 1/144 scale WWI and WWII vessels for RC. I joined Chuck's Syren build years ago and loved it, but I had to eventually drop the build after a time. When I get this one completed I hope to build cross section that includes a mast section. One of my favorite builds in the past I have seen included a cross section with a couple of marines in the crows nest, firing back down into the melee. Like other new builders, I have been looking at some of the other builds and I am definitely a little intimidated! I look forward to seeing how well I can do this. Not sure, but here is a quick question, is it possible to move the cross section forward or aft to include a mast? and how would I perform that?
  14. Is anybody interested in a Discord Channel? I have searched the site and it seems like we do not have a VOIP running. Discord is free, and all smart phones these days can use the app, so each of us can have our phone right there on the shop table with us. It would be a great way for us to converse on ideas, discussions, and help. Especially for the group builds. Just a thought.... Let me know, and I can start one, but I would like to see MSW open it so that it can use the site's name. Terry

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