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  1. Mite try that - the PVA bit not bed Im a night owl and dont sleep till gone 4 just how I am being a carer for my disabled wife. OC.
  2. My brain is always on the go - even when Im sleeping, if Im not thinking about my build I am making up jokes and gags and writting them down. OC.
  3. Im not on my build at the moment but the cogs are still turning in my head and I have an idea, tomorrow I am going to drop into the port hole openings some undiluted black acrylic, I will use a fine dabber like a wooden pin type device where I will pick up a blob of paint and drop it into the port hole, and also wipe off any drippage on the paintwork, this should sink down but fill in the port hole and give the impression of a open port hole, it may take a few re visits to each port hole - but it might look ok? OC.
  4. I keep thinking the same - my next build will have all the experience from my Warspite build including early lessons learned and techniques and know how. OC.
  5. Loving your work there and that Flory Wash looks excellent also love those tiny pegs that look like cloths washing pegs :) OC.
  6. Hi there Glen how are you, its a real honour for me having you looking at and commenting on my build, I just hope I am doing her justice in a way that brings her to life, I take All my inspiration from you and what you are doing with your Amazing Creation. It would be fabulous if you stay a while and give me your feedback. Kind regards OC.
  7. When i get the Clear coat spray I will have to test it on the Rudder that way I will be able to tell if its going to react. Im sorry for taking over this thread, but I think its relavent to us both. OC.
  8. Thanks carl, its a learning curve and ups and downs but I will get there (perhaps not the best with this one) but it will be a case of a new set of skills If I build another? OC.
  9. I tried again drilling the port holes with a smaller bit, but havn't made much of an improvement - I think the damage is done and I will have to live with it, it all started when I was sanding the hull Hard months and months ago, then when I placed the decks down you could see them through the port holes, so when i was trying to drill deeper it ovalized the port holes and made quite a few of them way over sized. My problem is - the scale and size of the hull was a challenge as I have never sprayed models before - only every brush painted, then the opposite is the fine detail and the Brillia
  10. Interesting and worrying - I have it on my bottom hull its taken ok ontop of a well sanded acrylic, the question is though - I was going to spray Mr Topcoat Flat on it by Mr Hobby. OC.
  11. Once again many many thanks for all the comments and likes of my build. I use one of these mini hand drills - I have a model tool roll bag with tweezers and different bits in it including a twist drill handle and the below pic, taht I use for drilling out anything with my micro drill bits. OC.
  12. Another thought - Try Acrylic for your boot line - it seems to sit ok as long as the enamel has goen off in the Red Bottom paint. OC.
  13. I used the same red - I think Red Rattle can? mine reacted with Acrylic paint that was underneath, I had to rub mine down and re spray, but it was second time lucky as it went on ok then. OC.
  14. Folks I couln't resist so i took the model in the kitchen under good light and my glass, and carried on filling the port holes with undiluted acrylic(same colour as hull) till the whole of the port hole minus a slight indentation is full. It seems to be working but I will be able to tell when I drill through with a finer bit tomorrow. OC.
  15. Thanks for that, I am however attempting to rectify the situation without causing any damage to the paint work that I had finished minus the spray topcoat. OC.
  16. I had a go at fixing the tiny tiny PE port hole frames tonight - But No way, they are just too small and even after getting one fixed in place over the port hole, trying to rotate it to get the eye brow at the top, was just to much work - so off it came. Plan number two was to fill the holes with brush tips of paint to fill the edges in a bit, then tomorrow when dry I will go through it with a fine drill bit(much smaller than the original hole. OC.
  17. Thanks for the help greg, would undiluted PVA work as an adhesive using the same method you described? it would be a lot cleaner and safer to the already painted sides. OC.
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