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  1. Same as me bob. How do you make your bulwark tops around the forecastle, they cant be bent strips can they? OC.
  2. They are looking great E J really worked out making them fit yourself rather than using the template. OC.
  3. Evening folks, last time I posted I was going to fill the grooves in the upper hull with wood filler, this was only so so sucsessful as I did not want to smother the hull with too much filler, so after applying a liberal amount and letting it set, I was able to do some gentle sanding. After checking the area over - the grooves were still there just not as deep. so I decided to just paint the upper hull from the wale to line of gun ports, first off I mixed some yellow ocre with flat white to lighten the color slightly, I came up with quite a plesent shade that I feel is more appropria
  4. Health can sometimes be a real hinderence and get in the way of our hobbies (as can life in general) keep your chin up mark keep pushing on, you have a wide fan club of well wishers. OC.
  5. Yeah with the mast collars I wasn't sure wether to do them square or simple round rings, I have seen the square ones done on the large scale where they are pieces of art in them selves, and join around the mast in a locking method. OC.
  6. Another update folks - I lightly sanded the deck and did a small amount of wood dust filling, then I worked on creating some mast/deck supports, these were made using 1.5mm stock wood, I built up three flat sections from two strips glued together, then when set I sanded them to thier slightly different lengths, then after sanding smooth they were glued down on to the deck. When these had glued I drilled out the centeres then used firstly using my fine rounded file then a half moon one, to get the correct size aperatures checking with my masts. Here are a couple of pics.
  7. I am pleased because like most things - the more attempts at the same thing - the better they become, I was also more careful about the deck layout keeping it to a 4 plank system with 20ft eqv sized planks, and even the side planks where they meet the bulwarks are more precise. Its made the hull stronger aswel with a slightly thicker deck. Next stage will be to build the mast surrounds then a gentle sanding. Then I will apply some wood filler (that I brought today) this will be applied to the grooves on the upper hull as shown in my previous picture, then sanded and
  8. Evening all, I finallly got round to finishing the deck planking, I think I have done a tidier job than my first deck planking, I added some thicker planks between the center sections, and will construct the frames around the masts. It will need a gentle sanding then a couple of coats of flat coat. OC.
  9. I found this drawing on the net and wondered if you could get away with bringing the width of the windows across, possibly allowing for all six, it looks like the windows might extend further across.? OC.
  10. Good to stay busy and have a plan for future builds, I was tempted to do a Pirates of the Carribean theme, with my frigate making her HMS Interceptor, getting Revelles HMS Victory and making her HMS Dauntless and getting Revells Black Pearl, all would have been similar scale hit and miss a bit. OC.
  11. I managed to get nearly half the deck planked today, its going quite well no doubt helped by doing it previously. Here are a couple of pics inluding the yellow ocre side that needs some filler. OC.
  12. So head on into re planking the deck - I first sorted out enough planks then gave then a light sanding on both faces, then I made the decision to bleach them in some household bleach, I put them all in a large flat bottomed dish - layed them all out flat and bunched together, then poored the bleach over them (enough so they were immersed in bleach) I also ran a sponge over them to make sure the bleach was doing its job well. After about an hour I took them out and soaked them in plain water to get rid of the bleach, then towel dried and taken to the table. I dived straigh
  13. Yep I am having to scavenge the deck planks from my new xmas pressy Corels HMS Peregrine, to complete the deck planking. OC.
  14. Decided to do a bit more painting today, the plan was to do the upper hull broad band of yellow ocre or mustard as was known in 18th century, I had to mask the upper edge of the wale line first using narrow strips of tape, after applying a few coats of my admiralty paint, I noticed that the planking was quite badly scored from over zelous sanding, it will need a bit of wood filler and gentle area sanding. Also I had a small area of my deck develop a mark again due to over aggresive sanding revealing the dark under deck. So - I haver decided to re-plank the whole deck (I k
  15. I have just had some bits arrive from Cornwall Models (early xmas gifts) consisting of Corel HMS Peregrine, and a heated plank bender and some Admiralty Acrylic paints. OC.
  16. More work on the decoration today, I fitted two thin strips either side on the upper hull. Here are a couple of pics.
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