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  1. Just been doing a bit more tidying up of the starboard paintwork, and while at it I have also touched up a few other areas including the spernwater and edge of the hull side/deck edge. Here are a few photos that give an idea of the progress. OC.
  2. Thanks mate, its actually more enjoyable now, as I am working in small areas at a time, and feel that much more in control, a couple more days and the hull painting will be finished. Next will be a bit of minuture drilling out of the pump outlet pipes. OC.
  3. I thought it was appropriate to say a Big Thank You to all those who constantly keep pressing the like on my build - It means A lot folks OC.
  4. A written update folks minus any pictures at the moment, as all I am doing is the same on the Starboard side as I did on the Port, Its careful work as I am not using any tape for masking, and just hand painting the camo to where it meets the angled Torpedo Bulge, Its slow going but tidy. OC.
  5. Just do like i do - spend the next 1-2 years building it - guarantee you learn a lot about your skills that way OC.
  6. Massive MP cameras that can crop - in - in - in on a picture are not that great for our boat building, its bad enough scrutinizing our work under a magnifier, but to then zoom in even more is not good I dont think, its best photographing them at the same scale we view them in normal life. OC.
  7. Been thinking the same about an airbrush, but our room dictates i hav eto build on the living room table, so I have to be as tidy and smell free as poss, hence why when i used a rattle can I had to do it outside-doors closed then put it away to dry for a bit till the smell went off. OC.
  8. "GULP" :o How on earth can you see all that thread let alone work with it :o Sorry words escape me looking at your amazing work. OC
  9. Waiting with bated breath in anticipation to see the magic you do in front of our eyes, an insight into the miniture world you are king of greg. OC/
  10. The plan for tomorrow - Finnish off touching up the Ap507B mid grey colour around the stern and the bow, that will finnish off the camo on the Port side. After letting this settle for a bit it will be the turn of the Starboard side - repeating what I have done but minus the repair work to the damaged section. OC.
  11. This makes A lot of sense and I think is the Cause, I had my magnifier (6 inch round one) on the stand and there was strong sunlight coming through over my shoulder, I will learn a lesson from it. OC.
  12. An update folks with a couple of pics courtesy of my wifes cam, I managed to build several thin paint layers with drying in between, I worked on the Black bootline first, then the next day I worked on the light grey section where the damaged area was, its 90% done and I think viewing at normal distances and magnification, It wont be all that noticable. Here are a couple of pics. OC.
  13. How about Trumpy's 1/350 HMS Belfast? That kit also has some excellent brass by flyhawk pontos etc, It also a current ship and well worth a visit in London. Superb work you are doing by the way. OC.
  14. A bit more work attacking the offending area - i got some wet and dry on the go keeping it on the area and not going to wide on the other areas, I think when its painted up it wont look to bad, the rear quarter still needs some work tidying up and getting a better boot line. I have included a shot of the bottom - the detail I put into the hull plates is Inspiring me to push on and get the hull finished, then I can get back to the more enjoyable deck fittings etc. OC.
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