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  1. Just another short update - i am up not boat building but watching over our new pup, going through the yelping crying all night stage she is so missing her mum and brothers/sisters, she is in the bedroon with us but keeps crying wanting to be close to mrs oc, its So hard to ingnore her crying and put her in her basket next to the bed - but i know this is what you have to do when you are puppy training. Role on the next few weeks.... :) OC
  2. Happy Christmas, I have also built kits in the 1/72 scale one of these was a German E boat, you are off to a flying start and doing a great job, plastic is such a workable enviroment as i feel it is more pliable and needs less physical work to bring a model to life.... Regards OC.
  3. Here are two pictures showing a little section of the work i have been doing between playing with our new puppy, the oval shaped surround had to have a false floor fitted after removing the old one, also in the pictures is the flight control room(the one on the end of the small paintbrush) that has had the windows blacked and a little detail on the roof, also the two tone camo is shown on the main structure, this will have more detail added along with some blacked out window details and some weathering(dark around shadow areas and light raised details). OC.
  4. A slightly shorter update folks and minus any pics as we have a newcomer to the house in the shape of a 8 week old yorky puppy, this has been taking all of my time away from the boat yard, as myself and wife have been working our life around this new addition - meaning lots of following her around the house and not forgetting the sleepless nights Anyway while i was able to get a bit of free time(whats that) i worked on the same section as above painting the second camo layer of medium grey, this was masked off first but again - I am just not happy with the solid line tape creates with h
  5. Very nice work, look at the difference between the plastic one and the one you have detailed OC
  6. Thank you so much mark, it is slow work as I don't want to loose my mojo, and sometimes I just don't feel I can do the build justice or just can not be bothered, so on those days I just leave it alone in its box, then when I get the urge I return to it and do little pieces till I feel I need to put it down. Different days from when I used to build an Airfix plane kit in a few hours... OC
  7. Truly amazing work and not always easy when other commitments around the home cry out for your attention. Regards OC.
  8. Some more progress pictures folks - they show the main section of the rear block constructed minus the roof that will be painted separate then fixed in place, a few of the port holes will need to be cleaned up again after the last coat of paint/top coat, the pictures show the first paint level of light grey, next will be the camouflage layer of dark grey to be applied after taping up. OC.
  9. Just a quick update folks - I am now working on the rear mid section block that contained the rear guns direction finding and rear mast, I have so far managed to construct the three sides of the block and drilled out the port holes, also a little bit of shaping around the water tight doors was screaming out to have my blade gently scrape around their edges to give them a slight separation from the block. Here is a section from my drawing to show the area I mean. As always thanks for watching my build folks, it is a slow one but with any luck worth it in the end OC
  10. I just keep searching Ebay for bits and pieces sometimes popping in different search words or even just - Boats 1 350 scale, worth a try OC.
  11. Looks very interesting its amazing the amount of detail we can put into our 1/350 scale boats OC.
  12. I did a little bit more work in the same area today, by applying a little bit of white dry brushing to bring out the edges a bit, and applied dark grey to the slopes over the catapult cover, I then applied a couple of coats of matt varnish to kill off any shine where it should be flat. Next step will be to fix the boat stand near to the catapult then I will start on my first bit of superstructure in the same area. OC.
  13. I carried on with the mid ship section again today working on the catapult runway fitting the two slopes at each end from the etch sheet parts, after shaping and fitting a couple of coats of light grey was applied, here are a couple of pictures showing where I am at. OC.
  14. More work was carried out yesterday by tidying up some of the decking-pushing it down with a flat blade and cutting around a few tiny obstructions, next I turned my attention to the float plane runway - this is being covered and not in use as I a making a late edition Warspite, as she was on D Day, I cut the cover from the fret and bent the two edges 90 deg, then I did some shaping and thinning of the track guards that would be seen over hanging the deck, also under this section was fitted on each side under the track a small brass plate, representing the bottom of the track, I painted the tr
  15. I was under the impression that the White Ensign was still carried but moved to the boom as Nelson wanted to make a clear indicator for the British and also a little bit of making a point at the opposition. OC.
  16. Wasn't the flag carried between the Gaff and the Boom on the Mizzen mast, I have seen it like this on Turners Trafalger painting. OC.
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