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  1. Hello Gentlemen ! Continuation of the work with the manufacture of a small tool that will make my job easier for what is to come ... The photos speak for themselves : I had to help this tool with pliers : the nails tended to escape ! But it works and will help me. See you another time ... Patrick
  2. Good morning all, Few advances on the model ... Here are just a few photos to show the current stage. See you later for the rest of the adventure. Patrick
  3. Hello Gentlemen, Thank you for your feedback. The Leds ramp is now definitely in place : The false deck is glued. Here is a lighting test. The brightness satisfies me : the goal is not to let it light up permanently but to be able to show the inside of the hold on occasion ... So let there be light : So much for this day. I enjoyed myself ... Patrick
  4. Hello Gentlemen ! It was a long time ago, wasn't it ! I had "lifted my feet" certainly but despite all the work continued ... A big piece for me: the false deck. I was not sure how to do it. Finally, I decided to do everything by hand : cutting the slats, adjusting them, sanding etc ... Some photos of the successive stages : A small patina, nails : I decided to make openings in different places where there is something to see. The upper decks will also be opened to show the structure ... To summarize : the wedge will be visible through the frames and on the opposite side we will see the structure in "plunging" mode. I make the openings : The false deck in place - not glued - to see what it gives : I also wanted a lighting system for the hold and the deck. I had not shown you these photos where I installed some micro-leds in the bilge to start : All this being practically invisible from above : I continue the lighting work with a whole ramp of leds, embedded in a slat, so that they are not visible when we look between the frames : That's it for the moment. The continuation next time ! I wish you a good day ! Patrick
  5. Hi Chad ! It was not easy to install these windows : it took me almost 3 years to get all the permissions and be able to bring a company for installation. Have a good day. Patrick
  6. Hello gentlemen, Small progression ... That's all for today ! See you later ... Patrick
  7. Good morning all ! The work continues slowly. I'm still in the hold, the walls are taking place little by little ... To follow in a few days ... Have a good day ! Patrick
  8. Hello gentlemen! The renovation work on the building is now complete. I retrieved my balcony and reinstalled the workshop. Everything is ready for the rest of the project "La Renommée". To follow.. Patrick
  9. Hello gentlemen ! Not a lot of activity for some time : my building is being cleaned, I have to release my balcony-workshop before. I take this opportunity to harmonize the color of workbenches and other storage furniture : This done, clear place for the renovation work : Here are the latest pictures of La Renommée before this forced move : The following in a few weeks, after reinstallation of the workshop ... Good day to you ! Patrick
  10. Hi Kudin! I love all your videos, beautiful work ! I have a question: regarding the front of the boat, you start it at the video N ° 23 then you do it again at the video N ° 31: why, not understanding your language, I do not have the answer ? Then you destroy it again to the video N ° 71 : to remake it in ebony, is that it ? Thank you. Patrick
  11. Superb and well done ! Congratulation and thanks for sharing ! Patrick
  12. Hello gentlemen and ... thank you ! Here is what I did for this part of the deck : See you later ! Patrick
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