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  1. Hello gentlemen ! Not a lot of activity for some time : my building is being cleaned, I have to release my balcony-workshop before. I take this opportunity to harmonize the color of workbenches and other storage furniture : This done, clear place for the renovation work : Here are the latest pictures of La Renommée before this forced move : The following in a few weeks, after reinstallation of the workshop ... Good day to you ! Patrick
  2. Hi Kudin! I love all your videos, beautiful work ! I have a question: regarding the front of the boat, you start it at the video N ° 23 then you do it again at the video N ° 31: why, not understanding your language, I do not have the answer ? Then you destroy it again to the video N ° 71 : to remake it in ebony, is that it ? Thank you. Patrick
  3. Superb and well done ! Congratulation and thanks for sharing ! Patrick
  4. Hello gentlemen and ... thank you ! Here is what I did for this part of the deck : See you later ! Patrick
  5. Hello gentlemen, The next step will be laying the deck in this area. I will use a template and this is what it should give : At first, the slats : To be continued ...
  6. Hello gentlemen ! Slight progress ... still at the bottom of the hold ! Have a good day ! Patrick
  7. Hi gentlemen ! Thank You ! Here is the lantern in his final home to close this stage. I concede, we will not see much but the essential is elsewhere for me ... That's it for this day ! To follow in a few days ... Patrick
  8. Hi everybody ! Thank You ! Last steps : windows, burnishing, a candle and the case is folded ! Fun topic to deal with. See You soon for new adventures ... Patrick
  9. Good evening gentlemen and ... thank you for your encouragement! Finally, after a few tests, I tried the adventure and ... I won !!!! I was satisfied with a simple little "first price" blowtorch, some paste and a little refractory stone, and here is the result : The base is not fixed yet ... I'll see for the windows and the candle before. I even managed to close the ring by brazing it. I think I understood how to braze, finally I made myself a "mountain" when in the end it is not very complicated. Even during my tests I did not manage to melt my pieces (others of course : I did not want to start all over again ! ) To be continued ... Good evening to you ! Patrick
  10. Hello gentlemen, Thank You ! The lantern, following the development of the pieces until I see how to braze them ... That’s all for today ! Patrick
  11. Hello gentlemen, After a few months without activity on La Renommée, the building site will restart ... Hard to get back to work. After the barrels, I will continue to the back. Two or three photos to locate : The lantern will be the next goal ... Patrick
  12. Hi Chris, Glad to find you with a whole new subject ! A beginning certainly, but you have to give time to time and have fun, so wholeheartedly with you for this new beginning ! Patrick
  13. Hello Doris, I discover your subject and I admire ! If you allow me, I have one or two questions about your sculpture technique. Page 20 on the Czech forum, you are writing this : "The modeling of the decoration began by making the first of many caryatids to decorate the posts between the rear galleries and the mirror windows, and the statue is a lot of black, so I'll have to shift the macro lens to focus it in. It's done with details in the face and various elements , which are visible on the elements of the Riksäpplet decoration from which I draw these figures. ... / ... On the exam, I have cured the first three caryatids after molding in the oven and placed them on the columns of the left gallery - it is only temporary, the karyatides will be 100% matched to the height and tilt of the posts. So far they have no patina. The camera does not completely render all the details thanks to the glare, but the husband, when he was looking at it, just remarked that I was a maniac .....: D " I would like to learn more about how you are modeling : what software, accuracy, informations ... Also, for the realization you are talking about "molding in the oven" : can you detail ? Did you make a subject about the process as a whole : from the starting point of a subject to achieve until the final result ? But maybe you're explaining somewhere : language barrier will not help me ... Thank you in advance for your answer and congratulations on your great work! Patrick

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