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  1. And here is some progress ... I made to the back own engraved pattern (I'm learning engraving to the wood) and I plan to do another one above the windows. As you can see from the last picture, on the first mast are differences on the shrouds to the first mast step - on the right it is shorter and other side I'll fix later, when I'll made here ratlines. With hindsight and from the picture I see, that I made couple of mistakes, but I'm lazy to fix this now
  2. Thank you for the comment. In the original build plan was masts builds in one piece, but I started to made in mast steps. In the shrouds are not so many tension and in next progress you will see also fore stays. From the build plan I wasn't sure, what to do as first, so I started with shrouds. Yes, diagrams - between build plan and diagrams to ship are some differences, so I made rigging by another examples from this page. And thank you again - now I learned more from terminology (I realy must to buy some book about ship building).
  3. I wish to everybody all the best in New Year. I came back from Christmas vacantion, so I can post a new progres in my work. As you can see from pictures, I started my work with masts and theirs anchoring by black ropes. I forgot to take pictures from prepared ropes with wraps on nodes, but from close up pictures you can see it. In next boat I'll do more precise work with ropes - I must find a way and tools, how to make it better. Next steps will be ladders here and another ropes, which anchoring masts to the deck. Also I post here some engraved part on the back of boat.
  4. If you have some points to my work, that something is not correct or how to do it better, please write it... I welcome any criticism
  5. And I made also some progress with front mast, what I made for me more better then original and tried to do as well and realistic as possible - for first woodship ok ... I just learn how to work with wood and ropes. Also I placed jolly boat to the right place and finished anchor's winch in my way. Later I place here another progress with first and second mast and theirs (I don't know right english word for this) mast's decks (what is a right name)?
  6. Hello... longer time I didn't paste here any progres, but yes ... I'm confessing ... I was layzy At summer I have broken one anchor, so longer time I looked on the internet for replacing (without success), so I started to mady my own from wood. In pictures you can see a stairs which I made (original wasn't so nice) and how I made an anchor. And also picture, in final color and place (I forgot to make a picture, then I was painted and not placed on the ship).
  7. Thank you Anja Planking is not ideal, but at first time it can be Here I like to present a progress with body of a ship. Here are bit differences specially at back part of a ship, where I used different wood and also other small differences, which you can see from attached pictures. Windows are completelly different, I added also steps for the highest deck, where is added also back shield. On the decks are parts maded from walnut wood. Also I prepared different holes for anchor's rope (across a fore), where I add also wood rings (here is a wire, which waits for a anchor's rope). Thes
  8. And story is continuing. I made a decision to prepare Golden Star not as brig with guns, but market brig. And to be more representative I made not all planks from walnut wood, but replace gunport part by lime wood + I like to engraving some adornments. From pictures you can also see, that I replaced original windows by selfmade. And also other parts made from plywood I'm replacing step by step by selfmade from walnut or lime wood. All second layer planks I tried to do by real examles, so also planks around first deck are made without cutting planks to triangel and they are put from fro
  9. Story is continuing ... next steps what I made was finishing a first layer of planking and preparation for next one - planking with walnut planks. Also I prepared backgrounds for a windows and deck doors. Walnut wood is more stronger then lime wood (basswood - which word is better?), but has a better aroma during boiling . Question: do you prefer boiling in water or in steam? And how long you have a wood in water / steam? Or do you use other way for planks bending?
  10. In this kitt is missing me some cutter or jolly boat, so I made one. The progress you can see here. Also I made small changes on the deck with the door (as you can see on previous post). I have a question: I don't know, how it is with boats in 17th-18th century, but is built cutter for Golden Star correct? I also think about building a jolly boat, but I don't know, where to place it, so I take it to the future. Note: cutter is not complet, because I'm waiting for a brass plates (in my order I must wait for another types of a wood).
  11. @clearway: thank you. I plan to buy some book, but in Slovakia is hard to find some good books about old ship buildings and delivery from Amazon and ebay is more expensive, then book. But I looked to building steps of some people, which has experiences with building and also I checked couple of pictures of boats ... yes, still is here couple of things, what I must learn :-) Here are other pictures from building: what is a different from original plan is, that I replace "deck hauses" (I don't know, how to name it) by grades (but this you will see next time).
  12. Thank you Anja :-) this forum gives me a few ideas and shove to start with building own ship. Now I post other set of progress (as I started year ago, I have built more, but I can post it not in one part). At this part you can see, how I made a sceleton of first layer of planking - I didn't use the same steps as are in build-plan, but I tried to learn to do more realistic planking. I bended lime planks in boiled water and then formed it on cylinder (pot from kitchen ) by clips.
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