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Anybody ever use Brass Black? The bottle states brush it on but I want to do all  the brass pcs

(ex. cannons, eyelets, misc. tiny pcs.) The directions do not say how to dunk multi pieces all together.

Is it mixed with any other solutions or use it straight?Thanks guys


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You might want to take a look at http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/6977-the-blacken-it-trials/




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regarding Black Brass, you guys were right on. Used it straight & tiny parts were the easiest. Cannons took a little more but came out 

good also. Stuff is really great. Wonder if it keeps for any length of time?       Jim                           

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It sounds like you might have used the Birchwood Casey on brass that was on the model - if so it needs to be neutralized or you will have issues down the road.  Normally the parts are rinsed with water after blackening and then attached.  If the pieces are on the model you need to "rinse" the parts in some manner.  I have blackened stropped blocks by rinsing the wooden blocks and the brass stropping in running water w/o any problems but recently came across a block that had fallen under the bench after blackening but before rinsing and the wood was marked with a dark blue color that does not rinse out.


If I am assuming incorrectly please disregard my warning about the ned to rinse the blackened parts.  However, if I am correct then you might want to use a baking soda water mix to stop the chemical process and then use water to rinse away the baking soda mix.  This could be done in the same manner you applied the blackening agent.



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Hi all,

a quick note:

I was trying to replace my stock of Blacken-It but found that most online retailers out of stock.  Customer service at Model Expo told me that they were out of business. It took me awhile of online searching to find a retailer that had some in stock at a normal price. I don't have additional confirmation but decided to get a couple of bottles... just in case.


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Best information is that the company is gone.  The owners were killed in a car wreck and I guess the kids decided to close the business rather than run it themselves.  It was basically a two-person shop that catered to the RR hobby.

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