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Boxwood compaired to Swiss Pear in planking in 1/16" thickness

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oy Mates


I have been using boxwood for planking my last ship and was looking at Swiss Pear for a change in look for my next Planking. The ship is the 1/80 scale Mary Rose kit by Caldercraft.


The planks will be either 1/32 or 1/16" thick by 5/32" wide. It would be the 1/32" thick if I double plank the hull or 1/16" thick if I single plank the hull. I am leaning torward the single plank with using 1/16" thick planks.


I have done both single and double planking and have come to the same conclution as Chuck ,why do the same thing two times.  But if the 1/16" thick swiss pear is harder to bend in this thickness ,I might have to do a double planking after all.



My question for those who have used boxwood and Swiss pear for planking is: Is the Swiss Pear much different than the boxwood in planking?

Is the Swiss pear harder to bend than the boxwood in either direction? or are they pretty much the same for the 1/16" thickness?




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I single planked my Confederacy in 1/16th Swiss Pear - it bends easily and is a all around terrific wood for model ship building.  I may use it exclusively on my next build.  


Boxwood is great too - its all comes down to personal taste (do you want a lighter model or a darker one)

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