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HMS Victory by dafi - plastic - at 1:100, ... to the beauty of a victorian Victory :-)

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As the lower deck of my other Victory will definitely still will take some time - in the Year 2525 - here a small in between meal.


The usual start-up picture - everything as it is known to be :-)




Where will this lead to?




To a face, that only a mama is being able to adore - or a dafi



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Thank you Jan, the 2525 is the one I am already building ;-)


But yes, for a long time already, she was turning around in my head - the empire Vic of 1910. 

Matchless in her appearance, she started to fascinate me as soon as I saw the first picture of this state some 30 years ago. By now I collected enough good pictures to have a good understanding of her hull and stern. Also the aft assemblies I get a clearer idea, even Nelson´s barque is already parked underneath the poop deck.
Still looking for some high resolution pictures of the bow and the fo´castle, also those of contemporary ships, as this is a very outrageous design there ;-)
So it is like in the sales: Everything has to go!
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Hi Daniel, are you changing the shape/size of the bow?  Fascinated to see your model of this develop.  Looking at photos I always have mental image that the 1900s version is the 'real' version but after eating too many cookies :)


"Which it will be ready when it is ready!"
In the shipyard:

HMS Jason (c.1794: Artois Class 38 gun frigate)

Queen Anne Royal Barge (c.1700)


HMS Snake (c.1797: Cruizer Class, ship rigged sloop)

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Thank you guys, and Jan, as always, looks like I am an open book to you!


This is one of the pictures that I am seeking still a better resolution! It shows some nice details of the deck structure in the bow section.


If one looks around, there are loads of pictures of the empire attitude of the Victory, but only a few in a useful resolution, those ones I am seeking still.


Here is one that confirmed some interesting bits, that I already guessed in other pictures:




And very surprisingly - there are no whales and the hull is planked flush, no curve to be seen. No profiles to structure the surface, only thin battens as a split line for the color change, and this one follows exactly the line of the gun ports - not very elegant ...


Ok- and I already believed that this could be a fast build. ...


... so I made a dummy ....




... and filled in all the well known artifacts of the original planking.




Oh my dears, DAniel

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As far as I can judge by the details that I already know, it is a quite faithful representation. Great to see the catheads properly.


Nice to see another detail: The Vic first sat far too deep in the drydock and on top of it, the bow was even lower than the stern. After the King´s moaning, she had to be resettled to todays level.



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Get naked, I know you want it too!

... and there she already gets dressed with the first layer of leveling planking just like nice lingerie ...
... just someone warned me that the is a flip side of the coin waiting ...
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I do strongly believe that since the age of twelve at my first putty-trials I never again applied that much material ...

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