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  1. Have also this ship, with all sorts of add ons, just need the inspiration lol. Looking forward to your progress.
  2. Now that's looking good Robin. Your getting to grips with it now I see, just to add you do not need a base, will look more realistic with a little glue to the sandle. Great work fella. Frank.
  3. Nice work and very fitting, I assume these are for port and starboard yards, as you know you only need one per side, with a boom ring at each end. Looking good. Frank
  4. Nice work Robin. I to use gloss varnish then matt, as you say for decals it is a must. But better to be sure than later find so many problems. Like the oars and the way you did them. Cheers frank
  5. Great Idea Bob,'why did I not think of that', DuRRR. Well next time I hope to get it right on my Pickle. Frank
  6. That's some fine cooper work Joe matey. She is coming along fine and I am learning lots from this build. Have Pickle to build and the coppering was the main bug bear, but its up an at em. Frank
  7. I to have learnt that its better to remove nails, but will leave some in. Went through 200 on my last wood build,' so won't make that mistake again',(he say's). Nice going Bob matey. Frank
  8. I use a baking tin for my blacking. But Glass sounds good. I have yet to find a good brass chain blackner. Tried the German one, begins with a Z I think, It say;s water down first but found strait from the bottle is best,'well sometimes'. Frank.
  9. Mine to be one of them. The netting you see on my build is from Dafi(Daniel). Its far better than any i have seen in this scale. So go with the flow. Frank.
  10. That's a fine bit of work Robin. I to have other builds, but better to finish the one you started. Looking good and the grey cells are working mate. I have to use an optimizer some times for my work. Keep it coming. frank
  11. Thanks mike. \\\\\\\\\maybe its the pictures that show the wrong size, but have measured them and they do fit the bill. Thanks Bob,Frank and PTS, sorry to shorten your name . Frank
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