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getting started need advice!


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Hello everybody, my name is Santiago, im from Colombia and my brother and I are very excited and cant wait to start learning about this hobby! For our first ship we have 2 possible kits that we bought while on vacations. Both models are very different one is amatis 1492 pinta on 1:65 scale and the other is the constructo halifax on 1:35 we need help deciding on which of this to start! Getting kits in Colombia is impossible so this are what we have for now! I have no previous experience building ships or working wood so all your help will be very appreciate




thanks in advance,
Santiago Mejia

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Hello Santiago,




I do not have experience in either of the kits or manufacturers that you have available to you.  However, one thing to look at between those two kits, is what scale you would like to try first.  1:35 is a rather large scale for model ships.  The details will be larger and perhaps easier to work on than the 1:65 kit.  1:65 is not exactly a small scale either, but some of the detail may be easier on the larger 1: 35 scale.


Good luck and happy modeling!

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Bienvenido Santiago.


I do not know either of those kits, but as Jason said, 1/35 may be a little easier to work with, however the Pinta being a less complex ship, may also be easier to build. :rolleyes:


In any case, start your build, take photos lots of them, and start your build log in this forums. It will be the best way to get help when (note: when, not if) you need it.


Buena suerte.

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After looking at both kits online, I'd go for the Pinta. It is overall a simpler ship and the rigging, especially, would be easier than the Halifax. And, as others have suggested, start a build log so you can ask for help when  you need it.


Cheers -


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