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Runabout by benside54 - Finished

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I built this two or three years ago from pictures, actual dimensions and what my imagination could come up with. Sold it to a guy in New York but it took him a week to open the wooden crate it was in it because I fastened the lid using Robertson screws, apparently they don't use Robertson screws in the States. The steering wheel was made on my lathe I used African Sepeli hardwood and ebony sandwiched together to get the two tone effect. All the brass was done by hand except the dash, those holes are actually furls used for plastic air lines. The deck planks are separated by thin strips of black rubber between the planks I shaved them off a small sheet of thin rubber and the deck is removable to be able to get at the motor battery. I'm sure it will get moved because I didn't have a clue where to put it but because I just found the pictures I thought I would share this with you.






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No idea how to send it to the gallery, anyone know how to get rid  of a thread one starts? May as well this boat is old news it's been my avatar for some time now so I don't want to rock the boat by posting in the wrong place lol.

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